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Internet Loving Monday #2

Monday, 20 June 2016

This month might be all about pretty and the cool gorgeous videos and photos that I've been loving recently but they're more than just pretty. Don't believe me, go check them out!

Helen Anderson 
I try to make these posts more about smaller people but I've been binge watching loads of Helen's daily vlogs, they're just so great and different to those vlogs that everyone on YouTube does (you know the ones, you know the music). Recently she's been trekking around California with Trek America and vlogging the entire time it's been great. Her vlogs tend to be rather short around 5 minutes but they're so entertaining and have a totally different vibe to usual vlogs.

Nectar & Stone
When I said earlier I try to post about smaller people well Caroline actually has more followers than Helens YouTube so maybe I don't try. But anyway I used to follow her gorgeous Instagram full of her amazing handmade desserts but somewhere in between moving accounts and following new people I misplaced her. I rediscovered her again recently and my gosh her desserts are even more amazing and yummy looking than before, and that's hard to do they were gorgeous before. If you love pink, baking, chocolate, or pretty imagery and plating just have a look at her feed!

The Book Cube
My fave book account at the moment, Annie's photos are just beautiful and jump right out at you. Who knew books could look so pretty? Well I did... but this is the next level! Bright, colourful, and glorious packed full of gorgeous books while still looking lovely and clean and airy. I could just look at her photos all day.

Nikki McWilliams
Everyone knows what iconic British biscuits look like right? Even if they're not from there? Anyways this may just appeal to British people but Nikki makes adorable biscuit related merchandise that's just glorious. Seriously I want like all the Jammy Dodger stuff and all the Custard Cream stuff and basically all the other stuff too. She recently got married and with her love for biscuits her wedding had to have some biscuity stuff included, it was simply adorable even down to her shoes which had tiny little Jammy Dodgers on. She doesn't post entirely about biscuits but the rest of her feed is just as darn cute!

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