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Monday, 6 June 2016

Well apologies for the lack of posts these past few weeks but boy have I been busy working. After handing in my proposal on Friday it's now officially my six week break! Yay for all the blogging that can happen. Anyways for those of you wanting to know about how my course is going, here you go.

Major Project 
Well I did it, I finally wrote those 5000 words (cough I went a tiny bit over) for my proposal slash thesis slash dissertation thingy and designed it all into one cute little package that determines my future. It took a huge amount of time writing and rewriting, and researching more that I found I forgot to before, and organising all the photos and imagery I'd taken during the past 12 weeks. But I did it. Fingers crossed its actually correct and not all terribly wrong.

I ended up looking into first year students, particularly those first few months of uni. How I can help ease the transition from high school to uni because let's face it, it's horrible and overwhelming. I have a few ideas about where I want to go in the next semester to actually design something that will succeed in doing this but mainly I'm still open for ideas. I'm really just wanting to ease the stress and make the learning experience more enjoyable and less 'heres loads of new info remember it for the rest of your lives please' stress.

Weirdly this semester was less stressful than any semester before, I felt comfortable and happy in the days leading up to hand ins. Letterpress was the only class that I had a slight bump in this comfortable and happy phase, I may have got a little scared I wouldn't have an animation to hand in. But alas, I got over that pretty quickly after brainstorming a whole lot and figuring out a new direction and it got done. We were to make an A2 poster and another 'thing' to accompany it; I ended up creating two posters and an animated video to be used as advertising on Facebook and Youtube. They didn't end up too badly, unfortunately I forgot to take photos before hand in so stay tuned once I get them back to have a look (that's if I don't get a really bad grade and want to hide them from the world...).

Image & Identity
This was probably my first experience creating a big branding identity and correlating deliverables for an actual client. I don't think it went too badly at all. My public speaking still needs work, but that's only going to happen if I continue to do it and suck at it until I get better I guess. Again stay tuned for photos.

I realise this is probably a really bad explanation to what I've been doing the past few weeks but feel free to ask any questions and check out my major project Instagram to see all the photos, like those in the photo above, from the past 12 weeks that should give you a glimpse of what I've been working on.

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