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Let's Talk About Pokemon Go (and Gamer Stereotypes)

Friday, 15 July 2016
Alrighty so unless you've been hiding under a rock you'd know that last week Pokemon Go was released on the app store in certain places around the world. Besides being only available for a select few countries, practically everyone has managed to get their hands on it, and it's taking over the world. I've been looking forward to this app since it was announced to be an actual thing and not a fan fantasy; however I have mixed feelings about it.

I got my first Pokemon game for my 7th birthday. It was a flipping wonderful time learning the ins and outs of the game on my limited edition Pokemon Gameboy Colour with my trusty sidekick Chikorita. That was until I couldn't get past the ice cave and left it alone for a month or two until my friend managed to get past it for me. Anyways this was Pokemon Crystal, it wasn't the first game out there so some wouldn't call me a hard core fan.

I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan but I'm not a noob either. I can name all 721 Pokemon given a picture of them, and could name probably more than I would care to admit without pictures. But ya know who cares I wasn't there for Pokemon Red and Blue so I'm not an 'original'.

It's cool that there's more people playing it now, more and more people are coming together to team up and find Pokemon on the streets and take over gyms. How many 'new' players would actually play however, if it wasn't a free app and everyone else wasn't playing it... probably not as many.

This is the reason the servers are constantly crashing. This is why the game keeps freezing when we try and catch a Pokemon. But hey who cares that guy who thinks the regular $80 games are stupid just caught a Pidgey so it's fine!

Don't get me wrong, I love that loads of new people who wouldn't usually play are getting involved and learning about the fab world of Pokemon. I love that it's getting people socialising and exercising and boy has it made me walk more than my Fitbit ever did, and from the looks of Twitter that's what others are feeling too!

It's probably just because I'm a girl that people will probably think I'm just playing it because everyone else is playing it. That I bought my Pikachu phone case just to try and 'be cool' even though it's been on my phone for six months. Girls just aren't allowed to be gamers.

Not that I've owned like every console (apart from the really new ones because ya know I'm a student here). Not that I've spent my life playing video games of some sort or another. Not that most of my really good friends were formed through gaming and we continue to be friends even after the game has gone from our lives. I shouldn't feel like I can't go out with my Pikachu phone case on in fear of being judged as a try hard. And I shouldn't feel like I can't post this even though it's more of a rant than a talk about Pokemon Go.

But about Pokemon Go (and how I read it as Poke Mongo in the hashtags); it's great, is flipping annoying with the amount of glitches but that can't be helped, and someone tell me where the Growlithe's are cuz I need one! I will probably buy the 'pro' version that there's been talk about if it meant the game actually worked nicely. Either way I'm just really excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon to come out in November and I wonder if they'll be a load of new people to the Pokemon fandom who will be buying their first ever game?

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