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4 (more) Things I've Learnt Being A Student

Monday, 15 August 2016

I'm in my fourth year of University now so I guess I can say I've learnt some things while being a student without sounding like a know it all first year who doesn't know anything. But then again I might know nothing (Jon Snow...), either way I have a couple of things I want to share that I think may help you out if you're in University. It's not the regular eat your vegetables and manage your time well tips either.

Yes it's hard to survive on the pitiful amount of cash rolling in from StudyLink, but that doesn't mean you have to survive solely on $1 loaves of bread. There are a number of things that it's worth spending that little bit more on, those things you don't buy on a weekly basis. Shampoo, jam, cereal - certain things you'll notice if you spend that little bit extra and actually buy a brand rather than homebrand. Of course that doesn't mean go crazy and get the most expensive one but live a little!

I think this is the key thing for University, something I wish I'd realised earlier. Uni is a safe secluded space where you're free to try new things and experiment. You won't get humiliated or shut down by your boss and you're not hugely restricted by client briefs. You're free to try things out and see how things go. You can even try out different majors classes to see if you have a hidden talent and if not, then the class is over and you can go back to your usual classes. Try new classes, new styles, brand new never thought of before design - it's your chance!

This is similar to the budget brands point, it's okay to live a little. Your entire world doesn't have to revolve around uni. You don't have to spend every minute of every day doing uni work. It's okay! You know what? It's actually good for you to take breaks, it lets your brain relax a little and refresh enabling you to go back to your work with a new frame of mind. Probably spotting a mistake or two in the process. So the next time your boyfriend asks if you want to watch the latest episode of your favourite show (or two or three), or you feel like an early night, just do it! As long as it's not every night, don't blame me if you've finished every episode of Gilmore Girls and haven't finished your assignment in time! It's all about balance!

Before you say it, I know there's that one person in your class that seems to be amazing at everything. Screw them, they just have amazing genes that allow them to be that way, but most of us don't. So the next time you try a new thing and don't get the best result, don't knock yourself down about it. If you really want to excel then try try again but remember sometimes even if you try your hardest it may not turn out how you want. Just be easy on yourself, there's only one of you and I bet you have other spectacular talents!

Now I'm sure there's loads of other things that would be great to know so if you have any tips to being a student (design student or not) feel free to leave them below! If you want more check out my other two posts with more tips here they are - advice from a new fourth year, and how to survive University. With all those tips you'll be soaring high towards the A's, good luck with the rest of the semester!

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