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Artist Attraction #12 & #13 // Risa Rodil and Abbey Sy collaboration

Wednesday, 10 August 2016
Images from Abbey Sy's Instagram here
With the Harry Potter hype in full swing I thought I'd show you a recent collaboration between some of my favourite artists; Abbey Sy and Risa Rodil, which of course is Harry Potter themed. I've been meaning to share Risa on the blog recently and just haven't managed to get around to it so what better way than to share her collaboration with Abbey! The two combined their love for lettering to create these gorgeous pieces themed around the four Hogwarts houses in Harry Potter. While I'm a Hufflepuff myself I personally do love the Gryffindor piece, I think it's just the yellow. I haven't fully accepted the colour yet even though it's been years and years since I was sorted on Pottermore in high school.

After coming across Abbey Sy during her TED talk for a project a few years ago I've been stalking her work pretty much ever since, I posted a little about her last year however I haven't given her a dedicated post. Abbey comes from the Philippines and spends most of her time either creating, or encouraging others to be creative through her ABC workshops. Risa Rodil is a more recent discovery, probably around a couple of months ago after realising a lot of the fan art posters I'd been loving over on Pinterest was made by the same person; Risa! Her quirky digital style drew me in, I'm always more in awe of the digital lettering as I currently fail at it and I want to strive to be as good as these fab artists. So you can see how the digital quirkyness of Risa's style mixed with the rustic perfection of Abbey's watercolours mix well to produce these fab prints. 

While these particular prints aren't for sale, although I wish they were, you can get other work from Abbey and Risa for your walls over at their shops. What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

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