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July Favourites

Wednesday, 3 August 2016
I haven't done a favourites in a while so while this may be called my July favourites but in reality it's an April to July favourites.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
Sorry for all the major fans out there but I hadn't actually watched this show before, it was one of those programs I wasn't allowed to watch as a kid and therefore never really watched it as an adult. But anyway I've been watching it now and it's pretty good! However we're about half way through season four now and I'm slowly losing interest, especially as they've replaced the actress for Vivian. It's still good and we're totally going to watch it until the end but it's just a couple of jokes that they've been overusing that's doing it.

Shaaanxo Palette
I'm not the hugest fan of eyeshadow, meaning that I suck at it so I don't bother using it. I want to be able to do all those fab make up looks that those makeup gurus do but in order to try I have to start out somewhere right? Maybe this palette wasn't the cheapest way to start but it was near enough, I actually bought it on a bit of a whim after seeing Shannon tweet that it was currently on sale. Since watching some tutorials of her using it I've been trying to experiment a bit more with my eyeshadow and well I may be getting somewhere. I'm not anywhere near where I aim to be but I love how easy this palette is to use and blend together. I haven't actually tried the any of the lipsticks yet but I will and I'm sure they're as good as the eyeshadows.

Pokemon Go
I wrote some feelings about this a few weeks ago and while I'm still hating on all the glitches I'm just loving it. I don't really care that much for the gyms and the teams but I'm loving catching all the pokemon, its rather different to the console games in that I would only ever catch one zubat in the whole game just to complete my pokedex whereas with Pokemon Go I'm catching them aaaaaaallll! (ya know for that xp man).

Everything, Everything
Ya know Zoella wasn't kidding when she said this was a fab book, while it does have that usual romantic boy meets girl falls in love rubbish the overall story is rather different. I totally recommend reading it but I'll have a further review coming out next week so keep an eye out!

Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser
I needed a new face moisturiser as my current one was running out and after some lazy googling asking the wonderful people of Twitter for a cheapish one, I found this one. After using it after my exfoliator the other day it was one of the first days that I can remember in a while that I haven't had dry skin around my nose. Which is a success in my books!

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