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Sofi vs Honours: Episode 4

Monday, 1 August 2016

I love how in my last Sofi vs Honours post I talked about how it was now the holidays and so much blogging is going to happen, and here we are almost two months later and I'm sure I only posted once last month. Sorry about that... I'm trying to get on top of things now.

Anyways I'm back at University now, have been for two weeks and it's feeling rather different to last semester. Last semester went great; I managed to get a couple of A's and A+'s and my work's getting featured in a Letterpress exhibition (those at Massey, it starts today in the Library).

But I now only have two classes a week; one on a Monday afternoon and the other on a Friday afternoon, so it sure does feel weird that I have pretty much a double weekend each week. Of course they'll be spent doing work but it means that nearer to hand in week I'll probably only leave the house on those two days.

We're not there yet though! We're only week two, there's still 12 weeks left until I have to hand in my life's work and let it be graded to decide on my future. We're only week two and I've already had two major formative assessments, it's stressful great!

Monday's class is what Massey calls 'Creative Futures' but it's basically a start up/dragons den type class. We've formed groups of around five of us and we're to create a start up business together to either make a product or experience that will essentially solve a problem or fill a gap in the market. My group are currently looking into the community of Bougainville and how we can generate a higher income from their cocoa produce. So naturally we're looking into chocolate and ways we can produce and market chocolate in a way that will be different and will actually generate them more income. It's all very second week and needs a whole lot of planning but I'm quite excited to see where this goes. Plus if we get to taste test loads of chocolate that's a positive right?

Friday's class is a continuation from last semester's 'Major Project' and I'm continuing on my route down the creative education track. Last Friday we were to do a 'fail fast' challenge where we completed our project in a week and see what happened. I wouldn't say I failed but I was far from passing in my opinion. If you follow me on Twitter you may have saw the lead up to this exhibition where I created 100 mini zines to give out to my classmates. It took forever and after cutting and folding them all I realised there was probably a much easier way to do what I wanted to do that would actually look much nicer. However that was 10pm the day before so I decided just to let the zines run their course and see what happened, 30 people actually took one home with them and I saw a number of others have a look through but just didn't take them home.

I'm feeling a bit meh about my topic at the moment but I'm sure the light in the end of the tunnel will be visible soon, I just have to do a load more brainstorming and thinking before it does. I just need a bolder more interesting way of showing boring information to 18 year olds so that they actually care. May have to return to my idea of creating a drinking game...

I hope you've been well, and I hope you've got your hands on the latest Harry Potter! Mine comes tomorrow and I'm so excited to read it instead of doing work!

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