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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child // Book Review

Friday, 2 September 2016

Alrighty so let's talk about the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. There's going to be spoilers at some point in this review, however I will heavily warn you when we get to that point. I have a lot of feelings to get out before we get to that part.

So let me just get out my first initial feelings after finishing this book, I have many mixed feelings. There was probably no way it was going to live up to my expectations because, lets be honest, probably not even a new book written solely by JK Rowling would have met the expectations I had. It's been far too long since the original books that most of us fans were expecting the unimaginable. I did however enjoy it, it wasn't bad, it just wasn't amazing.

I understand it's meant to be acted out, it's not meant to be read as a book but I think that's what left it lacking in my opinion. Boy if I can get together enough Harry Potter fans of my friends to act this out then I so would but until that time happens unfortunately reading it is all I can do. Especially as I'm not planning on jetsetting back to the motherland anytime soon to see it live. The lack of Rowling descriptions made it hard to visualise what's happening, the small amount of stage direction at the beginning of a scene was barely enough to create an image in your head. The regular books made wondrous magical scenes that unfolded with sparks and fireworks in your head so this felt a bit flat.

I think that's probably the best word to describe it; flat.

The characters as well just weren't what we're used to, they lacked the personality of the characters we know and love. They didn't seem like the old Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Of course they've grown up, their personalities must have developed slightly in around 20 years but there are some parts that just didn't seem like it was them at all. I actually hated Harry, I'll admit it. The way he was portrayed, maybe it would be different in the actual play, but I just got angry at him all the time. I wasn't really fond of a lot of the characters, I felt they developed in a bad way but I guess that's what a traumatic childhood fighting Voldemort may do to you. The only main character I liked more than the original books was Malfoy, he developed for the better I feel. (He's totally my fav character in AVPM though cough)

The plot I personally found was a bit underdeveloped as well however I'll talk about that a little more in depth for those who've read it so I can discuss!

Let's get on with it. While I was reading this there were a lot of oh my gods. There were a lot of what the hells, and there were a lot of times I was left confused (like what is an augery??? Take a million scenes to explain that one why don't you). The main thought I had over this entire book was WHERE IS THE NEW STUFFFFFF??? Seriously, like most of the book is about time travelling back to parts in the original story. It helped for visualising the scenes but I just felt like there was this entire open world to explore with Harry's children and their world and they just went back in time to the old stories. They could've done some amazing new magical things but they just ignored the chance. I did enjoy the fact that it wasn't all about Harry every single minute, and not even all about Albus every single minute either. The part about Voldemort's child thing though, I literally felt like I was reading the script for some cheesy TV sitcom.

Why the hell did Voldemort have to come back into the story? You know what, worse why did Umbridge have to come back? Also why did Harry watch his parents get murdered, surely that would screw up his probably already screwed up mind?? So many parts of this book made me so angry I just wanted to throw the book across the room...

Anyway here's a few thoughts I had surrounding the book. I'll probably reread it at some point and have a whole new range of thoughts and feelings but for the first time these were the main bits! Also not a big fan of the cover at all, the inside cover is lovely but horrible to photograph.

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