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Am I able to pull off 'Mom' jeans? A Spring & Summer Wishlist

Friday, 18 November 2016
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I've never been one to wear everything that I want to wear. Clothing that I love on other people I'm never confident enough to wear so instead I continue to gaze in awe at the other girls who are confident enough. The older I get the more this is changing.

I haven't actually done a fashion post in so long. So seen as it's starting to become warm enough to wear spring/summer clothing (although you wouldn't have guessed with the rain in Wellington right now) I thought I'd share some things I'm wanting. There's a couple of things here that have been around for a while and I've either not wanted to spend the money on them or not been confident that I'd pull them off enough to buy them. The 'Mom' jeans for example. I've been a lover of skinny jeans, whether high waisted or not, pretty much since I started buying my own jeans so the concept of not-so-skinny jeans scared me a little. I guess the only way to tell if they suit me, or I just look like I've bought jeans a few sizes too big, is to go in and try some on. That's probably the same with the bomber jacket and some of the dresses.

I'm trying to upgrade my summer wardrobe to things that aren't just tiny singlets and tiny shorts to things that are less revealing but will still keep me cool (I overheat very easily and faint, it's great). I'm guessing lightweight shirts may solve this problem? I admit that a lot of this seems rather autumnal however I already have all the white floral summer items so there's no point getting more of the same things, I need to add some contrasting pieces.

What sort's of things are on your wishlist for summer? Is there anything here that takes your fancy?
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