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Artist Attraction #14 // Chloe Jasmine

Wednesday, 16 November 2016
Images from the artist's Etsy
I'm bringing you another amazing illustrator for the latest installment of Artist Attraction. How cute are Chloe Jasmine's little animals and landscapes?

I discovered Chloe, as I've discovered most of these artists, through Instagram. Scrolling through all the 'images you'd like' on the search tab sometimes brings up gems like Chloe. I can't remember how long I've been following her for but every single new piece of hers just gets cuter and cuter!

I knew as soon as she posted the work in progress of the Australian animals print that I was going to get one for my Mum for Christmas. Let's hope she doesn't read this.

Chloe is a freelance illustrator from Australia and uses mostly watercolour to create these adorable creations. She's also a skilled etcher, and if you stalk back in her Instagram long enough you'll be able to check out some of those too. I will say, if you do go for a scroll through her Instagram there's some really great works in progress, mixed in with final print images and some lifestyle posts so you may be there for a while. Her latest works are available on Etsy either as prints or greeting cards, whichever suits your budget. I personally want to get my hands on her woodland animal print, the little fox is so sweet.

She doesn't just do animals though; there's bugs, architecture, boats, and more. Check out her Etsy, website, and Instagram for more of her amazing work!

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