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Bullet Journalling // Part Two

Friday, 11 November 2016
So earlier this year, in March to be exact, I posted this post about my intro to bullet journalling (or bujo as the veterans call it). I mentioned at the end of the post that I would keep you updated about how I'm going and everything. So it's now over six months later and I'm still going! I just recently, about a month ago, bought a new proper notebook for journalling. My previous notebook was just one of those college spiral notebooks from Typo that I got just because it was on sale for $2. While I enjoyed using it, it wasn't that handy to take around, it just wasn't the right size. So now I have this one and it's perfect, helps that it looks a little more professional too.

I've developed a lot from the initial default starter style and added/removed parts to suit my lifestyle and needs. Seen as I mostly use my journal for University I tend to use only the events bullet and the to do bullet, the rest I rarely, if ever, use anymore which is fine! Now I've finished University we'll see what happens next.

My monthly spreads currently consist of my events calendar, notes, trackers, and goals. I can easily see everything happening this month and everything major I want to achieve all on one page. My trackers change monthly depending on what I want to focus on that month, as I've been off the blogging train for a wee while I wanted to focus on getting out three posts a week like I used to do. I'm still easing myself into it but it's good to track my progress. The same with my lettering, although I've been less successful with that at the moment.

At the start of this month to go along with my blogging tracker from the monthly spread I've also extended on it with a post planner, so it's easier for me to keep on top of things. Good luck reading my planned posts for the rest of this month, hehe the blur tool is fab! The rest of this weekly spread is dedicated to my daily lists, this was at the time of the photograph I've now moved onto the next page with all my lists. I tend to only really use the to do list bullet now as I mentioned earlier in the post and this was from when I was editing my major project for Exposure.  As you can see I crossed it all off and got everything done in time.

My journal has kind of developed into more of a glorified to do list but I'm okay with that. I've tried out a lot of different things I've seen on the #bujo tag on Instagram but this is what's working for me. Do you use a bullet journal? If so, what sorts of things to you include that works for you?

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