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Can we talk about christmas gift guides for a sec?

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I feel like every Blogger, Youtuber and their dogs feature some sort of gift guide around Christmastime, I know I'm planning a few myself. They're great to read for inspiration before going Christmas shopping for that annoying person on your list that seems to have everything. But one thing that's getting more and more common through the years is the increase in prices. Now I'm not saying that this is everyone, but it's becoming common especially with the more 'famous' YouTubers.

Almost all of the gift guides I've watched and read so far this year have been well out of my budget range. It seems like a lot of these people aren't thinking about their target audience. They seem to just form content full of all the latest bits and pieces they've been sent. Now I'm not saying I'm a scrooge and not planning on spending lots on my loved ones but it seems like that's the focus these days - just how much you can spend. Since when was Christmas about that? 

I'm sorry Fleur DeForce but who is going to spend $350US on a candle. Even you, who earns probably a hell of a lot more than your audience, had to return it after the video. This isn't a dig at Fleur though, she's just the first example that popped into my head. I love Fleur and I've been watching her gift guides (among her other videos) for years and while she tends to have a couple of overpriced items, this year it's gotten a little out of hand. Only her under $25 'stocking fillers' video tends to sit around my price range, and I assume the price range for a lot of her audience from the looks of the comments this year. We should be looking for unique gifts for our loved ones, like the Chloe Jasmine prints I'm planning on getting my Mum for Christmas. They're not hugely expensive but I know shes going to love them and I'm supporting a smaller artist in the process. 

This isn't a rant, it's more of an observation. Do you feel the same way? Or do you enjoy watching/reading the extravagant gift guides?

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