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Grab your coffee and donuts // The Gilmore Girls Tag

Friday, 25 November 2016
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I am seriously late to the band wagon. I'd never seen this show as a kid, unlike everyone else I seem to know, so a couple of months ago after seen it come up around social media a lot I decided to start watching. Then a month or two later the big revival A Year In The Life got announced and I knew my time to watch without major spoilers happening was getting shorter and shorter. Of course I'd seen a couple of spoilers here and there, the show finished years and years ago so I'm not going to complain but the nearer we get to that release I was slightly stressing. But I finished in time! The revival comes out today (or tomorrow depending if 25th means NZ or 25th means US) and I'm excited! 

Anyway onto this post, Sophie at NanaWintour posted a Gilmore Girls tag recently and I thought with all the hype going around and it fresh in my mind I might give it a go!

Well I've kind of just talked about that, but I'm pretty sure it was Sophie tweeting about it a fair bit and some quotes I saw from the show that convinced me I'd enjoy it and here we are!

I think definitely Lorelai, who can't love her and her hilarious personality? Plus her way of life with all the donuts I totally dig! 

At the moment Logan. I won't lie, I'm not a huuuge fan of any of them. Dean was a people pleaser and even that didn't convince Rory to stay with him, I'm not a fan of his personality at all. Jess, while has grown more mature, he wasn't the nicest to Rory while they went out, he ignored her, he left her, he didn't treat her right in the relationship. Logan, while he had his bad moments, he tried his hardest to try a relationship which he'd never managed before and it seemed like he did an okay job at it. So Logan's just the lesser of three sucky boyfriends. Plus the end of their relationship was the least heartbreaking, I don't see why they had to break up though seriously they did long distance from London surely they could do it from San Fran. 

I've read more than I thought, but it's still very little. 18/339. Eighteen haha at least this works with my plan of reading more classic books, they're sitting on my shelves so maybe I might pick one up next we'll see!

I don't like coffee so these both seem horrible. I guess never be able to eat pop tarts, so at least I can then drink regular drinks rather than a drink I don't like.

I don't like Luke's sister, I don't know why but I really don't like her. Her and her husband are just really annoying and I don't like her voice, sorry. Also Kirk sometimes annoys me, some of his jokes are funny however most are annoying. 

I think I'm with the town of Star's Hollow here, I'm definitely team Luke. Whenever Lorelai is with Christopher she doesn't seem her usual self whereas with Luke she's even more of herself. 

Luke's, without a doubt. I want to taste all the food they always order it sounds great, especially the blueberry pancakes.

All the books oh my god, Rory's collection is a dream. Maybe one or two of their outfits too.

I haven't actually watched the trailer as I want it all to be a surprise. But I don't know what I want, all I know is I want it to end well. I want them all happy and all the loose ends all tied up please. 

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