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Let's talk about the happy things from the past week

Monday, 21 November 2016

A lot has happened in the past few weeks, while everyone around the world may know about Trump I don't know if everyone knows about all the terrible things that have happened to little New Zealand. Although I heard that the earthquake hit the front page of the New York Times so maybe it has. 

Last Monday morning approximately two minutes past midnight a huge 7.8 earthquake hit New Zealand and while my NZ followers may not want reminding about all that's happened I personally feel I need to talk about it. Since then we've had almost 4000 aftershocks, tsunamis, flooding, gale force winds, and a tornado. While everyone's saying enough they just continue and we're all suffering from 'ghostquakes' - when you feel an earthquake but it's not really happening. 

I, personally, am still having nightmares about that terrifying moment last week so I thought I would focus on the good. So in light of earthquakes, here are some happy things from this past week! 

- The sun finally came out and it's starting to really feel like Summer. 
- I got to spend more quality time with Brad's family, as we escaped the city to his home. 
- That also meant having some lovely home cooked meals. 
- Pokemon Sun & Moon came out on Friday, I haven't really stopped playing since. 
- As well as that, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them got released as well. I'm yet to see it but I will be shortly. 
- I swear this isn't just a 'what has been released recently' post but also the Beauty and The Beast trailer came out and while I'm not 100% about the look of Mrs Potts and Chip I'm really excited for it. I wasn't that big of a fan of the Cinderella live action so I hope this is much better. 
- Our graduate exhibition finished on Saturday, which means my time as a design student has come to an end. Which is a little sad but happy at the same time.
- I went out for dinner and cocktails with friends Friday night and actually managed to forget about everything going on for a few hours. 
- Book mail. I bought a couple of books from Book Depository that I've been wanting to read and they finally arrived on Friday! 

What's something happy that's happened in your life in the past week? 

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