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Sofi vs Honours: Episode 5

Friday, 4 November 2016
Card gifted by Alexandra Snowdon. I can finally display it yay!
Alrighty well I owe you guys a little bit of an explanation. But seen as this series was meant to go out at the end of every month and we're now in October and it's episode 5 I think it's probably clear I've been busy. Busy in fact with my honours year. It's now Friday and I've just handed in my final assignment of my degree last week. All I have to do now is wait and cry while my life's work grade is being finalised. Either way I've passed my degree and I'm officially graduating next May woooo!

My four years of University is over and I'm ready to conquer that big wide world full of adults and full time jobs. Scary...

I can't actually remember where I left off in episode four so let me just refresh my memory, and you may also want to too? So apparently I wrote that in week two, it's now week fourteen. Sorry about that. A lot of things have happened in those twelve weeks and frankly writing this blog wasn't on the top of my priorities. I mean for a number of those weeks doing my major project wasn't my main priority so that may give you a little hint at how crazy and unfortunate my life has been these past few weeks.

But enough of that let's chat about my University projects and how Sofi vs Honours went down.

The dragons den type group assignment went really well. When we last chatted I mentioned how we'd just started and we were looking into chocolate for Bougainville, well that has changed a bit! I was a little nervous about how our group was going to work together but turns out we worked fabulously. This was seriously one of the best groups I've had for an assignment for my entire degree, it was great and the grade kinda proved that (we got A's). We ended up developing an exfoliator bar that would be made from natural ingredients imported from Bougainville, then sold and the profits put back into the community of Bougainville. It was such an interesting class, as instead of sitting on a computer all day we were in the kitchen creating recipes to make these bars. We also learnt a lot about the business sides of things, like what was actually involved with setting up a business, which until now we'd never really touched on. It was a thoroughly great assignment, and my group were lovely about the weeks I had to have off so that just topped it all off... I kind of miss them.

To save myself the pain of thinking about my project since week 2 I'm just going to talk about my project as it is now. Around two weeks ago I ended up going back to the idea I had around week 2 and developing that further so if you can't tell I've been working non stop to get that idea to a point where I've got something to present. I've been developing an app which helps first year students to tackle creative block, I bet you know how frustrating creative block is. So while first years are struggling and stressing about all the new things in their life I wanted to help them so that creative block wasn't an issue on top of everything else. While the visuals could do with more development for me to be happy with them, the idea is there and I'm totally happy with the idea so I guess that's something. Having missed out on a fair amount of weeks due to family issues I'm not exactly proud of my project but hey if you're in Wellington the fourth year graduate exhibition is on at Massey from now until the 19th if you want to check out all the work.

But hey ho that's four years over and done with, and 19 years of study done with. It's so exciting to be finished but also stressful not knowing what my future is going to be like, not going back to study, or having a plan. If you have any questions about my degree or design or anything leave them below or tweet me, I'll happily put together a little Q&A for you guys. But now it's time for me to go and get ready for this exhibition opening tonight!

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