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Internet Loving Monday #3

Monday, 5 December 2016
It's a good thing I wasn't attempting Blogmas as I haven't really been feeling in the mood for blogging. After being offered a job on Friday I've finally been able to stop worrying and relax. Enjoying the small amount of time left over Christmas before I start full time work as a real world adult by looking at other people's pretty photographs and blogposts. So I thought I'd give you a little December Internet Loving Monday and show you some of my fave people lately! 

Yu's Instagram is a beautiful thing. If you're a fan of bullet journals, planning, or just really pretty organisation then check her out. I kind of wish my days were as beautifully organised as hers. Also it's blue themed and that totally pleases my aesthetic eye.

I don't know how I've missed Steph's blog up until now but I've just discovered it and I'm loving it. Sometimes I struggle to get into blogs that aren't really my 'thing' but Steph's blog, as a fitness and lifestyle blog, is different. If you know me then you'd know everything would suit me more than fitness but I really enjoy Steph's blogs, I think it's just the way it's written. She's trying to do Blogmas at the moment so go over and give her some love to keep her going! 

Meredith of thebookferret
Okay I really love ferrets and wish they were legal to own as a pet in New Zealand but they aren't so I have to live my life through others. Quigley and Diggle are the cutest, they're like a cat, a puppy, and a rat like all combined and I really want one so instead I weep and stare at the cute little photos and videos of them. 

Charlotte was one of the first bloggers I 'subscribed' to, I loved every post and these along with a few other bloggers convinced me to start my own blog. Since then I admit I don't read as often but this recent post caught my eye. It's all about her relationship with the internet and how it's effected her life. I totally relate to it, I wonder if you do as well? 

Brittany of umbre0ns
Bit of a nerd love, but the new Pokemon game came out the other week and I've been loving Brittany's Instagram story which is mostly her live playing and her shiny catches. I've been trying to catch shinies myself and haven't been as lucky so similar to thebookferret I've been living my life through others haha.

Who have you been loving lately? I need some new recommendations, bonus points if they're design blogs!

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