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Taking a Step Back

Monday, 2 January 2017
So after spending most of my December watching thousands of Vlogmas videos and reading tons of blog posts I started to have a little rethink about my blog. I noticed that, especially at this time of year, everyone was posting a lot of the same content. Zoella pointed out in her Day 23 vlog that she won't be doing her 24 Days of Zoella series next year as there's simply no way to produce that much content without repeating.

You may have noticed a few weeks back my wee rant post about gift guides, if not totally check it out and let me know if you agree. These thoughts have sort of just spiraled from that post. It started to kind of annoy me how everyone was coming out with the same content. Now I'm not sure if it's just bad timing, that everyone decided to tell the internet all about their ten favourite Christmas jumpers - but almost everybody did! 

How should I wrap my presents this year? Maybe like that same 'unique and pretty' brown paper and ribbon idea on every single person's blog?

I admit in the past I have done a number of posts that I know people will like and will rake in the views, as will most of us who own little corners of the internet they want people to see. But over the past month I haven't really felt like writing blog posts. I had a whole month planned out with enough posts to complete Blogmas but I just wasn't feeling it. Half the time I was thinking, why am I doing this? For the views or because I think people will care what my favourite Christmas songs are? 

So instead I let myself have some time off, I enjoyed my Christmas break at home with my family and now I'm coming back to it. I admit I aimed to have this post up just after Christmas as I didn't really want it to go up with all the 'New Year, New Me' type posts but hey life happens right? Before I came back I took a step back and thought about what my blog was about... I know, how cliche of me.

I started this blog to sometimes voice opinions but mainly to share things I'm loving and think others would love too. So for that reasoning I'm going to keep my 'view raking' monthly favourites. I'm going to keep my book reviews, that at the moment seem to be some of the only posts I want to post. And at times I may post the occasional 'top 10... so and so', because I think you guys would love them, not for the views. 

I definitely feel like this is now a standard view raking post but so what New Year, New Blog right?

Hah. We'll see what happens.

Happy New Year guys.

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