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I want a redo

Monday, 27 March 2017
I finished University over five months ago now and it feels like about three times as long. I’ve learnt so much since then, at my job and in my spare time that sometimes I wish I could redo my course with what I know now. Talking about having a redo just reminds me of that episode of Bobs Burgers where Bob wanted a redo with the food critic...

There’s just certain things I do daily that I wish I knew for certain classes, and classes I wish I had done instead of others. Less so to get better grades, as I already got a first, but instead I would’ve loved to get more out of my classes. To enjoy them more, and be able to embrace the experimentation and creativity allowed in University classes.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my classes, I mean I enjoyed all but one of them, but I feel like I could’ve enjoyed them even more. In some of my classes in my final year I was able to fully able to express my ideas and creativity and I wish that I could’ve had that expression with all of my classes. Perhaps that might have allowed me to be more in love with my final pieces and actually show them off without hating them or apologising.

Plus, I wouldn’t have taken sculpture in first year. I was not ready for fine arts at that stage, and that class ruined fine arts for me.

But hey, that’s what University is all about. Learning, growing, and sometimes not living up to your full potential. It’s okay because it’s University, it’s safe and secure. But that also means it’s a great place to take risks.

I wish I took more risks.

But it’s over so why dwell on the fact.

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