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I Graduated! Hell freaking yeah!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

I finally did it! 

This may have happened in May but seen as the blog wasn't really alive around then I thought I'd look back on it now. Frankly, I'm still just as excited and proud of myself now as I was back then. Throughout my degree, I was always confident I would pass everything and graduate, but I was never sure about what degree I would end up getting. When I was struggling to get a B+ average I the first and second year I'd pretty much given up hope of a first class degree and had my heart set on a 2:1 but hey it seems I learnt things and as my grades improved so did my hopes. 

I managed it though, I graduated in May with a Bachelor of Design with First Class honours and boy am I proud of myself. I did actually shed a tear or two when I found out it was official. 

I went through a hard time in the final year to the point that I probably went to around half of the classes because I was too busy out of town supporting family. At that point I was just hoping to pass. 
Luckily I managed to work as hard as possible in those spare minutes to finish my major project plus had a wonderful team who worked with me through distance to finish our group assignment so I managed to get A's on both! 

Not only that, I'm being entered into the Best Awards by my Uni so that was just a cherry on top of the cake! We've been announced as a finalist now so fingers crossed we can win something!

Graduation day was mostly a blur. I forgot to wear any lipstick, my eye was stinging for most of the day, and I forgot to put my trencher on until I'd almost walked off the stage. But apart from that, it was just a glorious day spent celebrating with my family. After the ceremony and parade through town, we went to Shed 5 for a late lunch which turned into an early dinner. Finishing off with cocktails at The Library. 

It was a day all about me for once, and while the spotlight isn't usually my thing I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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