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Artist Feature // Stefan Kunz

Wednesday, 18 October 2017
For once, I didn’t discover my feature artist through Instagram. I’m not 100% but it was either on one of Charli Marie’s YouTube videos or on one of the many design blog posts I’ve read. Either way, I now stalk Stefan on Instagram so I guess everything leads back to Instagram!

Stefan Kunz is a lettering artist mostly known now for his talent at iPad lettering although he’s skilled at most mediums, I mean he's lettered on a wellington boot! Seriously if you haven’t seen his skills (although there’s one above so you should’ve) you’re missing out! He’s such a pro he even has his own lettering course ‘Letter Like a Legend’ going on HERE, that I’m really tempted to sign up to once I have some more free time (possibly after Inktober). Plus, he has a book, isn’t that legit?

So as mentioned he’s great at lettering, and although I’ve only featured iPad lettering on this post you just have to check out his Instagram for some more amazing work. Stefan is fab with a pencil and pen too, most of his pieces are those really inspiring pieces that make you want to pick up a pen and make something. He, along with other fellow letterers, went big and went to Iceland sponsored by Skillshare and did huge lettering on the beach (image here). He’s also a fab chalk letterer, I’m always amazed by those who can excel at chalk lettering as frankly, it seems even harder than regular pencil/ink lettering.

Obviously, with my aim to finally get good enough at lettering/brush inking to be confident selling my pieces having all the inspiration helps (while also setting that bar higher and higher). So most of my time is spent watching people like Stefan on Instagram Stories doing their thing and learning tips and tricks. Probably doing the lettering course may help as well! I kind of want to buy that 'Feed Your Soul' print to add to my wall for constant inspiration.

Anyway if you like what you see, and like fancy lettering check out Stefan’s links below and chuck him a follow:


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