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Harry Potter and the Order of Favourites

Monday, 23 October 2017
I read a post the other week where someone had ranked the Harry Potter books in order of their favourite to least favourite and it really got me thinking. This is a big thing on any 'Harry Potter tag' and whenever I do them I never really know which order I'd put them in or why. So, I thought I'd think about it properly and solve this problem until I reread them again that is.

FYI this is the books, not the movies. The movies would have a rather different order.

Chamber of Secrets
I'm not 100% what it is about the CoS but whenever I'm asked what's my least favourite this always comes up first. I think it’s because I’m not a fan of this Tom Riddle, I don’t like the flashbacks through the diary where Harry is taken back to the time Moaning Myrtle died. Although I do like how the diary works.
I’m also not a big fan of Lockhart, frankly, I’d say he’s my least favourite Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, behind Umbridge. I know, I know shocking! Also, a lot of the magic that was in the first book I feel is lost, and I know that’s the plan throughout the books that they become darker and less ‘happy and magical’ but this is the second book so it should still be mostly happy.

Half Blood Prince
While the HBP is my joint second favourite movie it's actually my second to last favourite book. It may be because I’ve only read it two or three times compared to the ten or so times I’ve read the Philosopher’s Stone.

Prisoner of Azkaban
I freaking love this movie, it’s my favourite movie of the lot and while I don’t necessarily know why it’s my favourite it doesn’t rank very high in my book favourites. I think the going back in time part was just harder to visualise and think of magically compared to the way it’s shown in the movie.

Order of the Phoenix
In the past whenever I'm asked which is my favourite, I always say OotP. It's because this is the one book that I have a lot of memories of the first time I read it. The others I don't remember when I read it, or where I read it or any relevant details to do with the first time I read it. But OotP took me most of the summer when I was 12, I took it on holiday with me to Menorca and I read it constantly while laying by the pool. It was also the book I was reading on the way to the water park when I found out I can't read in cars or I get travel sick, I spent the entire morning at the water park lying in the shade sipping water instead of enjoying myself.
I have vivid memories of reading it so I automatically say it's my favourite, but in actual fact, after re-reading it a number of times it's not my favourite story. I love the whole Order of the Phoenix part and meeting Tonks and all that, but I'm not a huge fan of the Department of Mysteries part, and of course, Umbridge is an obvious reason not to like this book.

Goblet of Fire
I must admit, I didn’t read this the first time. I hated the first chapter as a kid and couldn't bring myself to read it, so instead of just skipping the first chapter I put down the book. Rereading it as an older child I got through it and I freaking loved it. But I will always say I am not a fan of the start. The scene where Voldemort’s at his father’s old estate and the groundskeeper and everything it’s just creepy.

Deathly Hallows
SO MUCH HAPPENS!!!!! I mean so much happened that they had to split it into two movies. The pace is so much better than the movies, I personally am not a big fan of Deathly Hallows Part 1 because while a lot happens not much really happens. Cough I could almost say it’s boring, sorry. But, to quote most book blogger, THE BOOK IS SO MUCH BETTER! So much action that gets a fair amount of attention and so many characters who get a fair amount of attention. People notice when Fred Weasley is killed, they notice when Lavender Brown is attacked. JK gives these characters respect instead of a quick 5-second death scene. Respect, action and fab pacing—let’s just ignore the last chapter okay?

Philosopher's Stone
I don't remember the first time I read this, but I do remember basically every time after that. It's just so freaking magical and I can't handle it. The magical world is never described more beautifully or as magical as in the first book, JK just kills it, I can’t read this book without getting warm fuzzies. The first time Harry sees Diagon Alley, his first boat trip across the lake to his first view of the castle, his introduction to all this magic in his classes and new-found hobbies. The innocence and everything just makes it top. 

Is your order different to mine? What's your top?

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