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Food Around the World (but mainly Auckland, US, and UK)

Friday, 10 November 2017
food around the world. food bucket list. disneyland churros beignets dessert
Churros // Beignets
I saw a similar post over on MarvelSteph’s blog and after making me incredibly hungry I thought I would share some of the food around the world that basically I crave on a daily basis (or whenever I see them on my feeds). I have had a few of these before but most I’ve never had, either way, I want to shove them in my gob. While Steph's was a mixture of sweet and savoury mine is all sweet, because if I could live off cakes and desserts without dying from certain vitamin deficiency or losing all my teeth, I would.


I have never had churros better than the one I had in Disneyland back when I was 13. For some reason, I never managed to get one until the second to last day of our trip and I fell in love and then had to eat my fair share in those last two days. Whenever I see churros on the menu I order them and then get sufficiently disappointed that they’re never the right texture, or the chocolate sauce has chilli in it and ruins the churros-y flavour, or they’re just rock hard (I’m looking at you Hells Pizza). Basically, I need at least another one of these perfect churros in my life if I’m to die happy. Have I mentioned they’re really long too?


I swear this isn't all Disney foods but the reason I know about these is from The Princess and the Frog and then seeing all the Disney Instagrammers eating them. Basically, deep-fried pastry coated in icing sugar sounds amazing. I'm pretty sure you can get some of these somewhere in Wellington but I just haven't looked for them, especially as I kind of want to try the Disney ones first.


Ever since all the Auckland bloggers started sharing photos of their desserts at Milse and then Miann I knew I had to go. I’m not 100% if Wellington has a dessert restaurant, but if they do I haven’t found it and being a dessert fiend I’m sure I would know about it. Looking at the menu I feel some of the flavours are definitely a bit out there for me, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to at least go there and try, especially with how lovely the desserts look!  

food around the world. food bucket list. egg waffles giapo ice cream
Egg Waffles // Giapo


I haven’t really seen this from one particular shop, although the above photo is from Pufflets in Melbourne. I swear you can get them anywhere but the ones that look the best are in New York as far as I’m aware, but I'll settle for Melbourne. Just the amount of these egg waffles that come up on my Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook makes me want one. I’m a big fan of waffles, especially those that don’t come with the usual bacon and maple syrup, so these are right up my street. Sugar sugar and more sugar, you’ll start to see a pattern the more you read of this post!


Aucklanders seriously get all the good dessert places. While this is probably just good ice cream, as good as Wellington’s own Kaffee Eis, it’s the toppings that make these ice creams look fab and very ‘insta-worthy’. Just look at the one in the photo above, besides adding gold leaf how much extra can an ice cream get? Some of them have chocolate lips on them for God’s sake.

Unfortunately, while in Auckland a few weeks ago for the weekend I was so busy I was unable to visit either Miann or Giapo, it was rather disappointing knowing I was only a 15-minute walk away most the time.


I saw this once, on someone’s Instagram story (I can’t remember who) and basically decided that I will be going when I’m next in the UK. I’m a big fan of buffets and any buffet that is full of dessert just calls my name, why wouldn’t you want all you can eat dessert? It’s part of a four-course buffet thing but I swear if I went I would barely have anything for a starter and main and just stuff myself with the 'waffle station' because um yes waffles?? and their dessert buffet. Their mini lemon meringue pies looked mouthwatering.

I think I just need to go to America and stuff my face, and then come back to Auckland and continue stuffing, after a quick pit stop in London. I really apologise if you’re reading this before your lunch break and are now drooling a bit, I know I am.

What food do you crave from abroad?

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