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Monday, 11 December 2017
I was reading an article in one of the magazines I produce for work and while it was aimed at lawyers ‘changing the world’ it really struck me and I felt it should be shared. It was about the idea of ‘doing the bit you can do’ and not telling yourself you can’t change things or can't do things just because you’re not the top in your field.

The idea of doing the bit you can do can relate to a lot of areas of our lives and it relates a little to the conversation I’ve been having over Twitter with some other bloggers about our ideas of perfection. How we’re never happy enough with our work and forever seem to have Tall Poppy syndrome. Constantly feeling that other people are better than us and because of that there’s no point releasing work that isn’t good enough. When in actual fact to others your work is good enough.

Do the bit you can do.

You may not be an amazing illustrator who can sell millions of prints, or have hundreds of people seeking commissions each week. But you can make prints, and you can sell them, and you can get super excited when a few people love them and buy them. Because in most cases there will be those few who love them and soon those few numbers will grow. 

The idea is that, if the 'something' you want to do makes you terrified or worried then you probably need to do something that is a bit smaller or even things that prepare you to do the initial thing. We tend to work with things we ‘should’ do but this idea is what you can do, not what you should do. You 'should' make a print collection that never eventuates as it's too much to handle, but you can make a couple of fab prints, so do that! 

Don’t do more than you can do, only do the bit you can do. Don’t let the size of the thing you want to pursue put you off doing the little things needed to pursue it. Little steps will eventually take you up and up so you can see over those tall poppies.

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