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Five favourite movies for Christmas

Wednesday, 20 December 2017
Christmas movies have always been special to me because we were only allowed them in December. There was no watching Elf in the middle of the year like some people do, mum wouldn’t allow it. The Christmas DVD box would come out December 1st and get returned to the cupboard on Boxing Day. It’s a tradition I’ve continued into my adult life, although minus the Christmas DVD box seeing as all our Christmas movies are on a hard drive.

As I only got to watch them during December we would only really get to watch each of them once a year which made each viewing special and sort of new (even though we all still knew all the words to most of them). Here are my top five movies, and one cheeky TV special that I make sure to watch first every year, I’ve already seen 5/6 of them this December... only The Grinch to go!


People either love or hate Elf and I for one freaking love it, I’m not sure I would call it my favourite of all time but it’s definitely top five! There’s just something flipping festive about Buddy, and his way of life that just gets you into the Christmas spirit! For once, also the storyline is a bit different. It's not based on Santa, or Santas family and it doesn't even show any presents being delivered or the actual Christmas day. Try it once, it's definitely more for the kids, but you'll either love it or hate it so why not try!

The Grinch

As a kid my Dad hated The Grinch movie so we never had the video or DVD, however, my auntie did. So whenever we spent a night over at hers (sometimes not even in December, sorry mum) we would watch The Grinch to catch up on what we were missing out. When we got older my mum ended up caving and getting the DVD so it’s now joined in the yearly tradition, especially with the fact that my Dad actually likes it now! Another one that's not based around Santa, I mean unless you count the fact that The Grinch dresses up and pretends to be Santa...

Arthur Christmas 

One of the newer ones on the list, Arthur Christmas is just so heartwarming and lovely and makes you feel all the feels. Every single one of the characters has such a different personality and they mature and develop throughout the entire thing and I just love it! There's no basic jolly Santa or regular sleigh in this movie. Plus it's an all-star cast, and hearing Hugh Laurie play what's essentially the Santa-in-training character is just great.

The Santa Clause

One of the OG Christmas movies, apart from Barney’s Night Before Christmas this is one of the first Christmas movies I remember watching as a kid. While the two other movies in the series are alright, nothing beats the first Clause. I can tell you all the lines and exactly what song comes in at what time, I love it.

Love Actually

I had never actually watched Love Actually til a few years ago, and boy was I missing out. I just didn’t think it was a proper Christmas film and was just your average lovey doves boring movie based around Christmas. Let’s just say the year I was trying to watch every and all Christmas movies known to Google changed my life in the thing called Love Actually and I’ve never looked back. It’s probably tied at the top of my favourites, if you don’t like the regular Christmas movies aimed at kids then you’ll probably like this one. And I recommend it just for the scene where Hugh Grant dances around number 10 Downing Street as the Prime Minister to be quite honest.

Gavin and Stacey Xmas Special

My sneaky TV Christmas special is dedicated to Gavin and Stacey. If you haven’t seen Gavin and Stacey you probably won’t enjoy it, but I’d binge watch it right now if I were you (FYI the Christmas special sits in between season 2 and 3). It’s just the epitome of a regular British Christmas and it’s just a good laugh. It's such a favourite in my family that we actually all watched it either on December 1st or a few days after, before all the regular movies, it's not one we save until later in the month.

What are your favourites?

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