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Top 5 Brunches in Wellington, NZ

Monday, 4 December 2017
Top 5 Brunches in Wellington New Zealand #whywelly Coffee Club Aro Cafe Dixon St Deli Matterhorn astoria Egmont St Eatery
Winner ~ Egmont St Eatery's Lemon Meringue French Toast
Last month I posted a food around the world post where I talked about all the food I craved and wished I could taste. I think from that you may be aware of how much I’m a fan of desserts and sweet treats so it’s probably not a surprise I always go for the sweet option when at brunch. Waffles, pancakes, and french toast are my faves for brunch if I order off the menu. As it’s usually what I have, I thought I’d share my list of all the best places for a sweet brunch in Wellington. Before I start I will add that I’m not a fan of maple syrup and I don’t like bacon, so my choices below are all going to be fruit based.

6. Coffee Club – Lower Hutt

I’m going to start with a place not to order pancakes from. They may have been having a bad day but my pancakes were rubbery and the berries accompanying them were tart and inedible. Recommend everything below before you’d bother with the Coffee Club pancakes.

5. Aro Café – Aro Street

The reason this is fourth is that I’m not that big of a fan of hot cakes. They tasted great, I just could barely eat half of the portion because the hot cakes are that big and fluffy. Which is great if you're eating with a human dustbin who will finish the rest after finishing their own, but not great if you want to enjoy your food without having to undo your pants halfway. 

4. Dixon St Deli – Dixon Street

As I live off Dixon Street I have been to the Dixon St Deli so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve tried their pancakes and french toast a number of times and I have to say while the pancakes and french toast themselves are great (I’d say french toast over pancakes), it’s the sides that let them down. When your pancakes comes with basically a side fruit salad the salad shouldn’t be tiny cubes of apple and pear and segments of oranges still with a large amount of the white pith on. Not to be picky about fruit, but give me some fancy fruit, or at least nice big juicy bits of apple and pear without the skin on (see photo above).

3. Matterhorn – Cuba Street

I’m pretty sure Matterhorn will be closed by the time this is live but I thought I’d mention it on the off chance they open somewhere else and still have their pancake on the menu. I say pancake because there was just the one, it was more like a hotcake like Aro Café, however, this one was a perfect size and the accompanying fruits were great. Not knock your socks off but still a very good pancake!

2. Astoria – Midland Park, Lambton Quay

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is on their current menu but on the off chance it is whenever you go next I thought I’d mention it. Astoria's salted caramel pancakes are glorious. Perfect pancakes, amazing salted caramel sauce, and a great amount of fruit (and bacon which I donate to the nearest bacon lover) on the side. 

1. Egmont St Eatery – Egmont Street

After being in Wellington for five years I only went to Egmont St Eatery for the first time last month, yeah I know, disappointing. I heard it was excellent but knowing it was sort of small and usually brunching with a group of around 8 I never trusted we would get a table. But last month I tried the French toast and I very nearly felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. My favourite dessert is lemon meringue tart so the fact that this French toast was basically lemon meringue flavour just made my day. Lemon curd, blackberry jam/coulis, soft meringue, shortbread, and fruit – probably the best French toast I’ve had in my life. I've also had their waffles, while aren't as good as the french toast they are still excellent.

I’m yet to go to Drexels/Americanos yet, which is a shame as I pretty much work above it, so they’re not on this list but I’ve heard wondrous things about them so don’t discredit them. Once I’ve been I’ll be sure to update you on their position in the standings above.

Special addition: I've recently been to Crepes a Go Go on Manners Street after a recommendation from Lula and she was correct they're bloody good and really cheap as well! As this is a street stall instead of a cafe I felt it couldn't make the list but if it did it'd definitely be second, that's how good it was! 

Is there anywhere I’ve missed? I've probably tried a few others that I cant remember but please let me know your favourites as I’ll plan my next weekend around it!

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