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Four Creative Goals for 2018

Monday, 1 January 2018
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I never really set goals or New Year’s resolutions because things end up getting in the way and I never end up finishing most of them. This year, however, I’ve managed to get into a routine with my life and I could do a few things I wanted to do at the end of last year. So, I thought because of that I may be able to manage some goals this year!

Complete Inktober again
Last year I was able to complete Inktober and I was rather proud of myself for that. So, I want to try and do it again, all of my free time is spent trying to improve my lettering to the point where I’m comfortable selling my work so Inktober is 31 days of guaranteed practice! Whether I do physical ink lettering or digital ink lettering we’ll have to see. But either way I want to complete it again, and hopefully with more planning than deciding I wanted to do it two days before it started I should be able to!

Sell prints
I am constantly making this goal and not meeting it because I’m NEVER HAPPY with my work. This year I am going to release prints, even if I’m not happy with my work because frankly I don’t think I’m ever going to be happy and the longer I put it off the more amazing work I’m going to see and continue to think my work is awful. This also includes the calendar I talk about creating each year and never get as far as finishing January. Keep your eyes open for prints and a 2019 calendar coming soon!

Create a handwritten typeface
Just the one font, I’m not planning on creating a crazy font family with various glyphs and weights. Just my usual writing I use all the time in personal projects converted into a font so that I can just type it out instead of constantly free handing it. Timesaver really, and learning how to make a font in the first place.

Pull off my Creative Chats series
If you haven’t seen one of the few tweets where I’ve mentioned this, I’ve started a series this year called ‘Creative Chats with…’ and have interviewed a few lovely creatives (and a few more to come). These should be coming to you once a month throughout the year, with the lovely Pepper Racoon being our first next week. I haven’t got everyone locked in for the year quite yet, so my goal is to get all 12 locked in and posted for you lot to see.

Let's see how this goes, feel free to remind me and reprimand me if you don't see any evidence of this happening throughout the year! I do have a few other goals that are more lifey and less creative so fingers crossed I can get all these completed.

What are your goals this year, they don't necessarily have to be design/creative based?


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