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Five Podcasts I've Been Loving Lately

Wednesday, 24 January 2018
five podcasts I've been listening to the queue my dad wrote a porno better words at home with swish and flick

Podcasts are becoming quite popular lately, and in the second half of last year I discovered how great they are to listen to at work. Just something on in the background while you're ticking off things you're working on. I thought I'd share some of my favourites that I've been listening to.

The Queue

This is one of the first podcasts I actually listened to. I'd been subscribed to Scott on Youtube on OhYeahDisney and after discovering a podcast that was pretty much like their videos but that I could listen to while doing work was great! The thing about podcasts is they have to have good voices and boy are Scott and Ryan nice to listen to, especially as they talk about all things Disney and Disney Parks related. Unfortunately, it's now ended but there are still a fair amount of episodes there for you to listen to if you're into all things Disney.

Better Words

I’ve followed this from the very beginning and although I haven’t listened to all the episodes yet, I got distracted one week and then the next thing you know you’re more and more behind. Either way, Caitlin and Michelle are Australian book bloggers who’ve brought their love of books together into a podcast. Just two friends chatting about books, highly entertaining and great for all book lovers!

My Dad Wrote A Porno 

I’d heard in passing a lot about this but never really looked into it, then while I was bored at work one afternoon looking through iTunes for a new podcast to listen to I started listening to it. I don’t exactly know why I thought it would be a good idea to listen to this in the office but hey I’m many many episodes in and I freaking love it. Less so for the graphic content, but more for the hilarious commentary. Jamie, James and Alice are so hilarious to listen to and I recommend you listen to Belinda’s adventures, maybe not at work though.

Swish and Flick

The most recent podcast I’ve gotten into, I realised a few weeks ago that while I listened to a fair amount of podcasts I’d never actually found a Harry Potter related podcast that I enjoyed. Insert Swish and Flick. Similar to Better Words, Swish and Flick is just four friends chatting about their love of Harry Potter. Each episode is dedicated to a chapter of the books, going into the details and connecting dots between the lines and content from Pottermore. Just a whole lot of potter nerdiness, I plan on getting through so much more of this!

At Home With...

If you’re not really a podcast listener but are familiar with the bloggers scene you may be aware of this one. At Home With... is lead by bloggers Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton chatting with the famous and slightly famous in their own homes. Personally I haven’t listened to all the episodes as this is the sort of thing I enjoy only if I sort of know the person they’re interviewing - I find it a bit boring if I don’t know them (just like any other interview podcast/video etc). It’s rather a different perspective to the usual interviews and it’s kind of cool to see inside the homes of these rather famous people (if you listen to their podcast on Acast you’ll get a running commentary of images too.)

What sorts of podcasts do you enjoy? Are there any you'd recommend?


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