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Mood: The One With All The Goals!

Monday, 29 January 2018
moodboard of goals

January is always the month of resolutions and goals, it's also usually the month of broken resolutions and breakdowns over goals, but that's okay! Personally, I've felt that this month has been one of the slowest months since I can remember, I'm not sure if any of you feel the same?

At the beginning of the year I wrote down a list of goals, 18 to be specific. Yes I am aware of how lame it sounds to have 18 goals for 2018 but they're not major life-changing goals like going to the gym or not eating any chocolate, they're actually slightly manageable goals. I did share a few of my creative goals on the blog, but in addition to that, there are basic ones like completing my Goodreads challenge that I would have done anyway. Buying a printer, not exactly a goal am I right? But something I want to do this year. There's even a goal on there related to The Sims 4 because I'm a nerd and making it a goal will give me more of a reason to relax and play instead of constantly worrying I'm not achieving my next step.

Smaller goals I can achieve and feel good about, not unachievable ones about making my bullet journal look as pretty as the one above. Although if I do say so myself it's looking rather snazzy this year so far!

But is buying a printer really a goal?

Probably not, no. But while I could easily go out and buy one right this second, I don't currently need it until I've accomplished a few others off my list. My goals are stepping stones to the actual goal, the aspirational dream that won't be reached for several years. But that doesn't mean you ignore it until it floats away never to be obtained. You be a sim and you tick off those tiny little goals needed to reach your lifetime aspirational goal!

I admit that went a little far, and if you don't play the Sims you may be missing the great imagery of that last paragraph. The point is, I haven't achieved any of my goals yet and as it's only the last few days of January, I'm not planning on achieving any of them anytime soon. I'm just going to be working on those tiny steps to get there is all. I'll keep you posted!

Have you got a dream in mind? Do you have an idea of the steps needed to get there?


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