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Let's talk about... Self Care

Monday, 12 February 2018
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There's a lot of talk about self care around the internet these days. People talking about how they don't do it enough, people recommending many ways they self care, and others talking about how it's a load of crap.

Frankly, I can see a how people with all of these views see how it is. Before I go any further I'd like to point out I am in no way dissing self care, you do you! I was reading this post by Rebecca of From Roses about how much people are busy these days. That being busy isn't necessarily a good thing, it makes you miss out on a lot of things, and that's definitely how I see things. A lot of bloggers (no one in particular don't you worry) talk about how important it is to be this super busy girl boss but then talks about how important it is to relax and self care. I don't know if these people know about the in between. In between too busy and too much relaxing, not the in-between on Stranger Things, no one needs that.

I think the thing about the in between is that it's easy to do with a regular full-time job. You have your routine, you go to work you come home you relax and then you go back to work again. But those of us either freelancing or with many side projects on the go may be feeling a constant go. Go to work, come home and work on side projects, maybe eat and catch an episode of a show and then sleep and start all over. It's all go go go and here's where the difference between super girl boss and all the self care comes in.

It's saying no to a night out with your friends because you need an early night, not saying no and then staying up late working on more projects. It's finally cracking that book you've been wanting to read for months. It's putting your phone down and actually watching that one episode you manage to squeeze in between your work, even if it's the same episode of Rick and Morty you've seen four times already. It's actually finishing that book. But it's also allowing yourself to work all through Saturday so you can spend Sunday with your family.

Self care I feel is learning how to take care of your body. It's knowing when your body has had enough and needs a break. Knowing that even though you have a deadline creeping up your mind needs an afternoon off otherwise you'll burn out just before the finish line.

Knowing when you need to stop, how long you need to stop for, and how to get back up. All while not stressing about the work you should be doing. No wonder it's so bloody hard to live life as a happy healthy human with a totally balanced work life play schedule.

What do you think? Have you managed to find that balance?

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