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Mood: The One with the February Monthly Favourites

Monday, 26 February 2018
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Last week was a rather hectic week at work so while my boyfriend was away on tour during the week I spent my time catching up on all my loves. I binged so much YouTube that my watch later is now empty and everything on my Bloglovin' list has been read. I even managed to fit in seeing The Greatest Showman for the first time! Finally, am I right??? Why yes, I am listening to the soundtrack while writing this because I'm like anyone else on the internet right now and slightly obsessed. That's probably why my blog posts are taking twice as long to write because I keep having to pause and belt out a line or two. But here are some other things I've been loving:

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han 
I finished reading this at the start of February and I flew through it. I know a few people who weren't a fan but I know a lot of people were and I'm part of the latter. I really enjoyed it, and how it wasn't just like your regular love story I mean it sort of was but it also wasn't. Another thing I thought was really good was the fact the main character had lost her Mum a number of years ago but it wasn't all about that. I feel like in a lot of YA if the main character has lost a parent it's a big part of their personality and it's always brought up in conversation and effects a lot of the storyline, but this was totally different and I enjoyed it.

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask 
I bought a travel sized version of this to try on a whim after seeing Fiona (@fionaclarebeauty) talk about it on her Instagram and I freaking love it! I'm not sure if it's related but this week there were a few days that you couldn't see the pores on my nose. I've gotten so used to seeing my nose with large pores that I actually did a double take in the mirror while putting on my make up.  I've actually bought another Origins mask so I'll report back on that one soon as well. Totally recommend the clay mask though!

Why Being Too Busy Turned Me Into A Crappy Person ~ From Roses
"I don't remember the last time I spoke to somebody and they didn't talk about how busy they are... Being so exhausted and stressed out that we can't see straight is something we now see as a good thing and almost a badge of honour." 
I have briefly mentioned this post before but Rebecca really hits the nail on the head with her discussion about why being too busy has turned her into a crappy person in regards to herself, her boyfriend, her friends, and also her job. Not only that but she shares some things she's doing to change it and I think a lot of us could do with reading this post and taking it on the chin.

An Introvert's Guide To Interviews ~ Lazy Thoughts
"It’s always going to be daunting meeting new people who you instantly have to impress, whilst showing them your skills and personality in anywhere from 15 minutes to a little over an hour."
As an introvert myself going through a lot of interviews at the end of 2016 to land in the job I have now, I can tell you how anxious and frankly sweaty it made me. Megan shares a few little tips and tricks that may help you nail your next interview. Obviously not everything will work for everyone but it's worth having a read even if only one little tip helps you sweat that tiny bit less!

The Greatest Showman 
Okay, so I couldn't do a favourites post without talking about this properly. I won't go into too much detail as I feel like everyone and their nan has watched this movie but I do want to express how much I loved it. But I also wanted to question how Troy Bolton can officially sing after it was confirmed Zac didn't sing in HSM. Anyway, that aside I understand why everyone was raving about it and I'm so glad I finally got around to seeing it in the cinema and getting that full-on experience.

Nikki McWilliams pins 
I posted a photo of these pins on my Instagram Stories last week when they arrived and I've been wearing them as often as possible since. Basically, I've been wanting to get my hands on some of Nikki's pins for so long but because I wanted more than one I couldn't bring myself to buy them just yet. But the other week Nikki had a seconds sale where all her seconds were half price and they were only slightly misprinted with a dot of silver in the white or scratched etc so I jumped at the chance. The digestive pin I received literally is perfect so I'm not worried at all about their quality, they're gorgeous! Have a look at her store for everything biscuity related.

Flaky Pastry Pesto Chicken
From seeing the Jamie Oliver 5 ingredient cookbook on Ashleigh’s (@TheFoodNest) Instagram stories I thought I’d order it and hope for the best. I’m not the best cook, mainly because I suck at organising timing so everything is ready at once, so meals that all cook at the same times are great. This pesto chicken was the first recipe I tried from the book and, while I had to slightly change the recipe to accommodate the type of chicken we had, it turned out really nice and something I would definitely make again!

What have you been loving?

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