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Four blogposts I've been loving lately

Friday, 2 February 2018
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I've been collecting posts to share with you all over the past week or so and turns out the posts I've been loving lately all have a similar theme. I've definitely been on a buzz of 'screw it I don't want to be doing the normal things that everyone expects' type of posts. You know the ones? The 'I'm not a typical blogger I have faults' type of posts. While I sound like I'm putting them down by making fun of them, I'm actually really enjoying the number of people that have given up with what's expected for a typical blogger. If you haven't seen any of these blogposts I've linked a few below, and a few other posts I've been loving!

Defining Success as a Blogger by Charlotte @ Colours and Carousels
This post was back in December but the theme of it really stuck with me. Yes yes I'm talking about goals again, sorry not sorry. Charlotte's post is about what success feels like to you, and all about that forever touchy subject of comparison. "Your idea of success might not be the same as that other person you admire, but you could easily feel equally as successful in different ways." If you're struggling with goals, or seeing others succeeding and worrying if you're doing enough, have a read!

Self Care In An Age Of "Fuck It, I'm Fine" by Lucy Moon
There's a lot of talk about self care floating around the internet and while not all of it is useful, some of it is rather interesting to read especially if it relates to you. Now, personally, I feel like I've got a good grip on the balance of my life. Amazingly I've found I'm pretty good at shutting my brain off and concentrating on things that are good for me outside of work hours. That is, most of the time. There are times, however, that my brain just starts spiralling and spiralling and can't stop thinking about things unrelated to the task at hand, not necessarily work things. Parts of Lucy's post really spoke to me in regards to that. "When I don’t achieve these things, I feel like I’m failing and I beat myself up about it."

I beat the January blues by Helen of The Anderz Approach
If you don't subscribe to Helen I'll catch you up, in December about 5 months after her wedding she and her husband split up (even worse he took one of the dogs). What I love about this post is how much Helen is kicking ass and making the most of life after a sucky situation. "I think January can be defeated if you don’t let it eat you up first." While obviously we only see her highlights reel, although with daily vlogging we see a wee bit more than most, she's definitely giving the impression that if she can pull off January then everyone should be able to!

Women of Illustration by Dina Rodriguez
Less of a post and more of the start of a series of awesomeness. It's a video series dedicated to the greatness of wonderful woman creatives. "We need to be visible and start to expect inclusion until it’s normal, because it should be." The first two episodes are currently up, featuring Irene Feleo, discussing the importance of practice and how to make time for it. If you're creative in any way I'd totally recommend you listen.

I'm all about everyone succeeding lately it seems, which personally I don't think is a bad thing! Go team! I'm thinking about the possibility of doing this more regularly, sharing great content. If I were to form it into an e-newsletter of sorts would any of you be interested? Probably monthly content? Leave me a comment!

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