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Bullet Journal 101: An Update!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018
Bullet Journal tips and tricks for planning - pixel mood tracker
There's just something fun about starting a new year fresh, and this year that has included my bullet journal. While I haven't started an entirely new journal I've revamped how I style it. Now there's a very clear parting between last year and this year and, frankly, I'm loving the new style I'm working with this year.

I've ripped up my magazines, got a tin full of washi tape and all the pretty pens I used to use and have decorated the hell out of this journal. Again, I've gotten rid of what wasn't working and after scrolling through pages and pages of bujo inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram I've added some new things to try!

Bullet Journal tips and tricks for planning - hand lettering habit tracker

Similar to my last update my bullet journal is still mostly full of trackers as that's what I enjoy. I've used a bullet journal for around 3-4 years now and I never really look back on the to-do lists and boring checklists even though they were the most useful part at the time. I do, however, look back on the trackers, the doodles, and the images posted in between the other content showing my tastes at that current time. The pixel tracker is my favourite tracker, I managed to fill it in every day last year and it's so interesting to look back on. Correlating big events with the excited and happy times and some of the unfortunate events with the sad times. I've expanded the number of moods this year (which you can see above) because I needed a variation between 'happy' and 'meh' and I'm still loving it so much! Also, the added number of moods means more colours and the fact that I've colour coordinated it to the image posted next to it just really excites me.

One if my goals this year is to improve my lettering and I'm actually trying to letter every day throughout the year, so to do that I've brought in the tracker! Knowing that at the end of the year not only will I hopefully be better at lettering I'll also be able to see how many days I spent practising throughout the year in order to get to where I've gotten to will be really interesting to see! It's looking a bit fuller now than when I took the photo back in mid Feb as I'm currently doing a March mini challenge which I'm posting all the images from it on my other Instagram @sofillyletters.

Bullet Journal tips and tricks for planning - book habit tracker

Bullet Journal tips and tricks for planning - blog content plan tracker
Again, the same as the last update I mainly use my bujo to do lists for planning my blog content and keeping track of what parts of a post I've done and what still needs doing. I plan my content out by month and usually I'm a month, or at least two weeks, ahead in my content. I also sketch out my ideas for photos so I can do more in less time when I finally get down to photographing. From here I know exactly what I'm doing and can form wee to-do lists to do on the day rather than one giant to-do list for the month. I also jot down notes for the content of the posts and what products I plan on featuring.

That's the thing I love about bullet journals; they can be whatever you personally want them to be and no one has identical journals. They really do show your personality sometimes. I've developed something that was literally just a collection of to-do lists four years ago to something I put everything into. My photos, stickers, cinema tickets, everything.

What about you? Do you have one, what do you use it for? 


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