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How To Find Inspiration For Blogging - Tips and Tricks

Monday, 12 March 2018
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When you're creating, what's hopefully unique, content as frequently as we do there's bound to be a time you hit a wall. Writer's block, burnout, blogging fatigue - whatever you want to call it even the best bloggers have had it. So as well as taking some time out, do allow yourself to do that, here are some tips and tricks to find inspiration for your blogposts and give yourself a bit of a push in the right direction. Of course, this is what works for me so may not necessarily work for you but it's worth a try and do post a comment below if there's anything that works for you that I've missed! On with the show:


For content ideas, the internet is fab but offline is even better so go out and do stuff! You don't necessarily have to go outside but the best way to come up with ideas is consume all the things! Read books and magazines, watch TV shows and movies, go out to an event whether it be music, sports, comedy whatever. Then comment on all the things! Review the book, share your favourite TV shows, tell us all about the sports event, show us your outfit from the concert you went to, share mouthwatering photos from your local restaurant.

If none of that is working take to the internet, read all your favourite blogs and read some new ones, watch a 20 minute episode worth of Instagram stories and scroll your life away on Tumblr or Pinterest. Then you can tell us your different opinion of a blogpost you read, share some of your favourite Instagram feeds, show us a DIY you tried from Pinterest (and whether it worked or not).

The main thing about content is you always have to have your blog in the back of your mind. Wherever you're going and whatever you're doing, if you pause for a second and think 'would this make a good blogpost' nine times out of ten it probably would be so don't forget to take pictures!


We all tend to have a style when it comes to photography, but when you want to try something new it's sometimes hard to know what to do. For this the internet is fabulous, Pinterest and Instagram in particular. With all these wonderful content creators posting their photography and designs all over the internet you'll be sure to find a couple to launch your next set of photos off.

Searching Pinterest is easy once you find something that takes your fancy. Start by searching keywords and then once you've found something you like click on it and scroll down. Hello, millions of other photos that look visually similar - it's a perfect mood board! Instagram isn't as easy but if you scroll through hashtags long enough you'll find exactly what you need, and frankly aren't we all scrolling for days anyway, may as well make it useful!

Now, I don't recommend exactly copying a single image. Instead, take parts that you like from different photos and experiment. Take lots of photos! All different angles, then rearrange your props and do it again, play with textures, backgrounds and lighting to find what suits. Then, from the hundreds of photos, you'll hopefully have one or two you like!


Your blog should be the content you want to write but on the off chance, you have no idea what to write then the next important people that should be considered is your audience.

Talk to your readers, those beautiful people who actually take in your content what better opinion do you need? Obviously, if you have a smaller audience it may be harder to get feedback but I'm sure you'll have one or two frequent visitors who could shed some light. Ask a question in your next post, post a poll on Twitter or an Instagram story, if you have an email list flick a small email asking for replies or to fill in a survey. Whatever it takes!

Good luck! Where do you find your best inspiration?


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