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Book vs Movie Review: Ready Player One

Monday, 16 April 2018
a review on the movie and book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline directed by Steven Spielberg iphone flatlay we own the sky luke allnutt art3mis parzival aech shoto dito halliday
I'm very much one of those horrible people who always say 'the books better than the movie' and to be quite honest with the exception of probably two or three movies I do think they are. This doesn't mean I hate the movies though I realise they need to cut out things and change things slightly to make the stories work for the screen, I just usually prefer the book. Now, Ready Player One has been a big hit lately and with all the hype of the movie I felt I had to read the book first! Here are my thoughts on both: 


I downloaded this on a whim as I'd heard good things, the movie was coming out, and more importantly, I was about to do an 18 hour round trip drive to Auckland for Ed Sheeran and needed something to get me through it. I can't read or watch anything while in a car or I'll throw up so audiobooks are the best!

I didn't actually start listening to it until the drive home and let's just say I barely stopped listening to it until I'd finished save for times I had to be social at work and sleep. I was hooked! I'm not the biggest game nerd, I like my games but I don't do everything and I don't know all the older games/music etc so I was rather glad whenever references were made they were explained. Even a little kid could understand at that point, you didn't need to have grown up with it all - although I can imagine if you had it would be the biggest nostalgic flashback.

I just loved the story so much; the competition, the friendship, the idea of 'internet friends' and the normalised internet space/way of living. While you could predict the ending you were thrown many curveballs that made you reconsider your decision again and again. It did give me Wall E vibes with the whole, the population stays mostly seated while everything is delivered to them on a screen. You work on the screen, you catch up with friends on the screen, you go shopping on the screen etc. I really enjoyed how normal it was to have friends who you didn't know who they were in real life, you knew their online personality and didn't bat an eyelid when they looked different to their avatar when you finally met. That I enjoyed. In 2018 we're slowly moving towards the idea that having 'internet friends' is okay and less 'stranger danger don't talk to anyone you don't know' idea, but we're far off The Oasis level.

This is one of my favourite books of the year so far, so I was nervous going into the movie knowing that they've changed it completely...


I don't know how I feel about the movie. It was incredibly different to the book to the point where a lot of my focus went on what was similar and what was not. My boyfriend, who hadn't read the book, really enjoyed it - he thought it was a bit weird but he did enjoy it. I couldn't get over the storyline changes to enjoy it too much.

It wasn't as if they just cut parts and changed things slightly so a 300-page book could fit into a 2-hour movie, the entire basis of the movie was different. The overarching theme and the storyline were different. Sure we had the competition and the three keys and the fight between the top five and IOI for the egg, but mostly that was where the connections ended. The storyline was all about teen angst overthrowing what was effectively the government. Ready Player One isn't The Hunger Games. It's meant to be about friendship, not Wade falling in love with Art3mis 5 minutes in and then meeting her in real life 30 minutes in. Either way, I could probably spend quite a while talking about what was different, but I think I probably would've enjoyed the movie better if I hadn't of read the book and went in without any predecided thoughts on the apparent storyline.

Have you seen or read Ready Player One? What did you think?

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  1. I loved the movie! Although I saw it first without reading the book. Now, I'm reading the book and I'm enjoying it �� Now that I've read your thoughts about how the book is awesome, I cannot wait to get through it!