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The Blog Turned Five // Five Favourite Posts of All Time

Friday, 6 April 2018
5th blog birthday, sharing thoughts and tips and five favourite posts of all time. Kikki K Lush Miss FQ Michael Hill Zoella

April is not only my own birthday month but it's also my blog birthday month! Earlier this week, on the 4th to be exact, my blog turned 5 years old. Now while I haven't been blogging that entire time, my first post was released on the 4th of April 2013 when I was bored after one of my classes in the first year of university. 

From there I've blogged weekly, thrice weekly, I've done a number of post every day or every other day for a month scenarios. I've taken many breaks, I've had guest posters, I've worked with brands, I've encouraged others to start a blog, and now at my 5th birthday, I feel like I've finally hit somewhere that I'm proud of. 

I may not have a million followers or a podcast or my own hashtag congregation but that doesn't mean I'm not happy with where I am. While it's not about the numbers, at some point last year when my stats kept shrinking I never thought I'd ever get to 100 Bloglovin' followers, but last month I surpassed that! That may be a tiny number to a lot of people but personally, I feel like I've achieved a lot, that's 100 different individuals that want to see all of my content. 

Isn't that what blogging is about though? Writing what you love and ever improving your content to the point where if other people want to check it out that's awesome too!? I've had a few messages recently from lovely people popping in just to say how much they're loving my content and to keep doing what I'm doing, and frankly, I almost had a wee cry every time. 

This is why I started my blog, to create content outside the brief and share things/people/posts I loved in the hope that others would love them too. I think I'm doing pretty well for a tiny blogger on a tiny speck of the internet! 

To finish off I wanted to share some of my personal favourite posts over the years, and a few that have sent my stats skyrocketing with love: 

Bullet Journal Flip Through // September 2017
Bullet Journal 101 // March 2018
The Gilmore Girls Tag // November 2016
Recently Read, 5 book reviews // 4 November 2017

Now here's to another five years?!

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