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Friday, 1 June 2018

I've been rather busy lately and this month's posts have sort of hopped on the backburner without me even realising, first it was one post and now it's reached a fair few more. But hey we're allowed that right? So many people across social media preach that breaks are okay and you don't have to constantly be posting if you're running out of steam - that makes this break okay because the internet told me so. I had posts sitting in my drafts that were 80% finished but I didn't want to finish them and post them because I didn't feel like they were good enough and worthwhile. How many times have you heard that before on many a blog? I can tell you it's a lot.

Anyway, it's been just under a month without a post, and a fair few without a dip into my everyday life, so grab a cuppa and let's catch you up!

Well into the adulting life

A year ago last week I graduated University, and a fair few months before that I landed my first official full-time job. Those two points in my life really felt like I was doing okay with the adult life thing but a year (or more) on I'm definitely well into that adulting life, and I actually feel like I have my life together I meal plan for God's sake! I'm by no means near that 'proper' adult phase where house shopping and extended overseas holidays are happening but I feel like I have things under control I mean at least I'm sort of saving for a house now??

The newsletter I've been yapping on about

I made it a goal for this month to launch the Internet Loving Monday newsletter but frankly, I've been talking about it far more than I've been doing things about it. It's not going to happen this month, it may not even happen next month. There's no point starting up something new if I can't even keep up with what I have on now so, for now, it's back on the 'would love to do' list rather than the to-do list. Let me know if you were keen on receiving it because then I'll bump it up the list!

The other goal

I also made a goal to start off the 100-day project with a bang and well let's just say we're now 32 days in and I've made a thing every single day. Some days I only have a few minutes spare but some days I can spend an entire episode of Desperate Housewives drawing a new quote so the quality of each day does vary. However, I've managed it so far and I'm convinced I can make it to the end! I'm rather hoping that my skills do end up improving and I'm convinced also that if I can do some of these in less than half an hour then I should be able to create something I'm happy with, with a few days work of course, and the shop that I've also been talking about a lot will happen as well!

Some things I've been loving

I started a lot of new things this month and I felt the need to share how much I've been enjoying them. After the crazy takeover of the internet the other week about it getting cancelled and then uncancelled Brad and I finally started watching Brooklyn 99. Yes I know, I know, what's took us so long?? Well team there's just too many TV shows that's why it's been on our to watch list for quite a while but we finally got around to watching it and it's as fab as everyone says! I've also started watching Desperate Housewives, as mentioned above, from the very beginning. I've only watched a few series (around 7-8 ish I think) so for a while I've really wanted to start it from the beginning and find out some background about some of the older characters, mainly Mary-Alice. I did a lot of Marvel watching as well this month, more on that in a later post, but let's just say Infinity War and Deadpool 2 did not disappoint! Then when I haven't been watching a ton of stuff or lettering I've been binge playing Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch to the point where I actually played for 9 hours straight last Sunday and I'm slightly ashamed of myself but I'm also not because I finally conquered my problem with fishing and if you've ever played SV you'll know the struggles.

So how have you been? What have you been doing/loving this month? Let me know :)

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