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Friday, 15 June 2018
recently read, five book reviews on recent reads - Layover, Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, Everything i never told you, A court of frost and starlight, meet cute

I haven't done a recently read post in a while, since March in fact, so I thought it was about time I updated you with some reviews. While this isn't every single book I've read since then it's some of the most recent ones!


This whole story was a bit weird. Three kids decide instead of catching their connecting flight to Bora Bora to meet their parents decide to leave the airport for an LA adventure with no phones and barely any money. I don't really know who they're kidding, surely their parents will notice when they get off the plane but frankly they don't care. Oh and to make it even weirder, the two older kids are in love with each other (they're step siblings so apparently it's not weird????). They end up hanging out with the older girls other crush's house and he's loaded so their lack of money and phones isn't a big deal anymore. I mean it was entertaining and I ranked it 3 stars out of 5 but I don't know if I would recommend it if you're over like 16 years old. 3/10


I rather enjoyed this, it was such an easy read and it constantly kept you guessing which is unlike a lot of YA nowadays as they're usually predictable. Along that line, I'm glad Eleanor and Raymond were just friends and the idea of romance wasn't forced on them for the sake of a happily ever after storyline, the ending was great as it was (that twist am I right?). I'd heard a lot of hype about this book but wasn't actually sure what it was about, I thought it was your average teen 'finding herself' but it's far from that. I mean Eleanor is your standard single routine-living 30-year-old. But dun dun durrrr she has a secret past that no one really knows about, including herself. It's clear that Eleanor is somewhere on the spectrum but it's not really mentioned, only hinted at with her personality and I think that's what makes it even better, it's not defining her. I ranked it 4 stars out of 5 and I definitely recommend it! 4/10


I both liked and disliked this book. I really enjoyed the way it was told, the mix of point of view from different members of the family really flowed well and while usually, I struggle with the mixed point of views thing but this was done incredibly well. You really got to see all the emotions of each character at a very similar time and it allowed for all the secrets to come out. The problem I had with it was my hatred for the parents, I really disliked how their personalities were written (which may have been the point). They forced all of their hopes and dreams onto their one daughter striving for her success but in turn, practically ignored their other two children. I almost screamed at them at the point where their eldest son got into Harvard (HARVARD JESUS IT'S HARVARD!?) and he barely even got congratulations while this daughter got all of the attention which she isn't even asking for. I know this family dynamic is the point of the book but it annoyed me rather than entertained me. I rated it 4 stars out of 5 because of this weird love-hate thing. 4/10


Let's ignore the fact that I preordered this but because of Book Depository's bad shipping times, I received it like two weeks after everyone else. This is everything a novella should be, full of fluffy anecdotes to continue our love for the characters until the beast of the next book arrives! I will admit the writing isn't the best, there are way too many unneeded descriptors and it jumps between the first and third person a bit between chapters/changing points of view but it still gives you everything you want. After the horrors of the end of the third book and the war, this is a sort of happily ever after for most of the characters to get them to the point where the next book starts and more action happens. It's basically instead of a 'one year later' page at the beginning of the fourth book, and of course, I'm all for an entire book instead of three little words. No major storylines happen, Sarah just sets the scene for the beginning of the fourth book and gives us a little teaser of our favourite characters at the same time. 4/10


This was the Blogger's Bookshelf bookclub book of the month for June, chosen by yours truly. I've been wanting to read this for ages but had never gotten around to it, mostly because I could never get my hands on a copy and I'm not the biggest fan of short story compilations. However, choosing it as my book club book for June I knew would give me the excuse to finally read it, authors such as Nicola Yoon and Sara Shepard have stories involved so I knew I'd enjoy it - and that I did. The really good thing about short story compilations is when you're not particularly enjoying a character or plotline it'll be all over in a few pages and replaced by something hopefully more to your taste. There were only one or two stories out of the 14 included in this book that I wasn't the biggest fan of, however, there were plenty I loved! Cutesy YA stories are my jam, as long as they're not too cliche, and this book was full of them. 4/10

What have you been reading recently? Have you read any of these, what did you think?


*A review copy was gifted to me but all opinions are my own
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