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So, how are the 2018 goals going?

Friday, 29 June 2018
2018 goal catch up creative work and play flatlay

All year I planned to do a 2018 goal update, ever since I posted my creative goals back here in January. But now I sit down to it I realised that I've only completed one goal (buying my Macbook yassss team I'm in love) and the rest I either haven't started or are in the middle of doing. Because guys - plans don't get done in a month or two, they take a while. However, that aside I still want to do a goal catch up post because it's great to look back on and also it keeps me in check for the rest of the year.


I've mentioned this a few times on the blog already but I'm currently doing a 100-day lettering challenge, doing a piece of lettering a day. I'm doing alright with this and it's helping towards my Improve Procreate Lettering goal but it's also taking up a lot of my time so other goals are having to be pushed aside to cater to this. So my Selling Prints goal, Selling a 2019 Calendar goal, and my Create a Handwritten Font goal are on hold until I finish this 100-day challenge on August 8th (I think that's when it ends??).

As well as that, the goals that are to be done at certain times of the year (Complete Inktober again), and ones that will take the entire year (Keep up with haircuts), are off the table until that time.


So life is a little different now to what it was back in January when I was making these goals. I planned to Buy a Printer/Scanner but my plans have changed and I don't know if I need this anymore so purchasing it is on hold. Also, I probably should have been more specific with my Do Something Outside Comfort Zone goal as I'm always doing small things outside my comfort zone, things that make me nervous and worry a lot. But I don't think they should class for this, I think it has to be a bit bigger.

Another thing I didn't consider when making the goal to Complete all Sims 4 Collections was the ever-growing list of expansion packs that come with their own collections. So, whenever I get a new expansion I get more collections and the goal gets bigger and bigger. Which isn't bad because then my reasoning for this goal, to not concentrate on work all the time, is still working out as I'm going to have to play even more!

Some of my goals also rely on other people so it's possible that these may not get completed at all, it all relies on other people's lives. I've barely been invited to any blog events and any that I have I couldn't go to so my 2 Blog Events goal hasn't been completed. On a similar note, my Complete 1 Freelance Job is technically not completed either as I've only done a couple of little one off things and not a proper job. Although, to be honest, I haven't been looking for anything at the moment so not necessarily relying on others with this one.


I've been doing well enough with my Read 40 Books goal that I've actually increased it to 45 books, as I'm currently at 25. Inside that, I've also read 3 out of 5 of my Read 5 Classics goal. The Escape for a Mini Holiday goal is also planned for later in the year, while it's not booked yet Brad and I are planning to go to Sydney around September/October time so this should get ticked off. I've also managed to get rid of a few bin bags full of stuff so technically I've completed my Proper Clean Out goal, but I want to try again later in the year and try and chuck out even more.

As for my Write a Short Story goal, I have about 2000 words and a general idea of where I want my story to go, I just have to write more. I'm planning for around 15-20,000 words, depending on how the plotline falls. I'm probably going to try and put as much as a dent in it as I can before November and join in with NaNoWriMo to crank out the rest. Similar to that I've managed 4 out of 12 Creative Chats with... and have plans for more I just need to organise the time to sort them out. Check out the current four Pepper, Alex, Risa and Abbey.

So let's just say I'm not completely failing but some goals need more work than others to get done by December 31st, and hey I'm not too fussed if they're not done by this time next year. As long as I still want to get them done and I get them done at some point that's fine!

Did you make any 2018 goals? How are you doing with them?

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