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The Marine Parade Eatery ~ Paraparaumu Beach, NZ

Friday, 8 June 2018
A quick review of The Marine Parade Eatery in Paraparaumu Beach New Zealand. Apple crumble french toast! food berries

Apple Crumble French Toast guys!

For my birthday (yes I know that was April I'm slack) my family and I headed out for lunch at The Marine Parade Eatery in Paraparaumu Beach and let's just say the food was excellent! Coming from someone who goes to pretty much the same cafes all the time for brunch it was really nice to try somewhere new. My parents had been here previously a couple of times but it was my brother and I's first time.

A quick review of The Marine Parade Eatery in Paraparaumu Beach New Zealand. Apple crumble french toast! food

Before we talk about the food, let's take a quick moment to appreciate the decor. From the outside you would not imagine this sort of style inside and I think that bookcase is probably the best thing I've seen been made from those crates (and I've seen a lot of 'custom' furniture on student Facebook groups). I didn't get photos of most of the art but some of the ones you can see above do a good job at selling the rest. While a lot of cafes tend to have art for sale on the walls, half the time they're not that nice and they're rather expensive (I'm sure other people love them) but while these aren't for sale they're bloody lovely!

Now, onto the food! The service wasn't excellent but I'm informed it was a one-off and the other times my parents have been there it's been great so I will let them off. Especially because the french toast was superb! Apple crumble french toast guys, apple crumble with caramel sauce! If you've seen my Top Wellington Brunch post you should know I'm quite the fan of the sweet brunches and I was not disappointed. However, I'm always slightly disappointed when french toast comes out and there's just one slice of toast with toppings, but then when I'm halfway through and realise I'm barely going to make it to the end I ignore any previous thoughts and stuff my face further.

If you happen to head along here I do recommend the french toast, but for the record I've been informed that everything that my parents and their friends have had in the past from the menu has been excellent so it seems like you can't go wrong. Excellent food + rather instagrammable aesthetics = a pretty good cafe if I do say so myself!

Have you been before? Or anywhere else along the Kapiti Coast that's great? Let me know!

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