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I failed... and that's okay

Tuesday, 7 August 2018
i failed at a goal and that's okay - happy quotes and pens in a flatlay

I've been talking about this 100-day lettering project so much around the internet and guess what? I never made it past day 55. Everyone in NZ who started the project at the same time as me, according to the Facebook group that was around 400 of us, should be finishing this week. But do you know what? I'm okay with not finishing. I'm okay with essentially failing because it was a personal challenge that I tried to do in my spare time, and in the end, I didn't have enough spare time to manage it amongst all my other side projects.

As long as I'm not failing all my side projects, I'm okay.

The thing about doing something every day, and finishing that something every day, meant that if you missed a day you'd need to catch up. Which meant that sometimes when you miss 5 days and then 5 days take a few days to catch up on that means you're further behind. I felt that to meet this every day deadline I wasn't producing work that was worth it. My plan for this challenge was to improve my lettering, but the every day deadline meant I was cutting corners or using a style I'm used to, to get a piece done in time, rather than learning something new and improving my skills.

So because of that, I decided to stop. I thought I could use that time for better use, and in fact, because my brain was so focused on making a piece every day I needed a break from lettering and creativity entirely. I stopped lettering and I stopped blogging and I pretty much stopped anything creative I had going on outside of work as my brain was stuck to this schedule.

For almost fifty days my sole use of creativity was at work, and as much as my brain enjoyed the amount of Netflix and Fortnite it's also been exploding with ideas. Ideas that I'm actually going to finish.

Watch this space for some new projects on the horizon.

But, until I've organised them enough for public eyes to see, I should be back to my usual weekly postings over here on the blog to keep you going. If you have any suggestions for posts or questions you'd like answered let me know otherwise you'll be getting what I've got planned for you!

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