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Four Fictional Worlds I'd Love To Visit

Tuesday, 18 September 2018
four fictional worlds from books I would like to visit. The Wizarding World from Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Elsewhere, and The Oasis from Ready Player One.- Funko Pops and The Art of Harry Potter flatlay

One of the things I love most about books is immersing myself into a new world and forgetting about real life for a moment. Even though some of these new worlds have side effects (hello Voldemort) I would love to visit them properly one day. I know that's impossible but hey we can dream right? Here's a few I'd love to visit first: 


Obviously... I mean if you knew me at all this would obviously be my first choice. I would do anything to walk around Hogwarts with my fellow students swishing my robes and waving my wand so that magic happens! Not only that I'd love to be let loose in Honeydukes if only for an hour. I think being at Hogwarts (if we ignore the fact that people died in Harry's time there) would be just like regular school but with all the added magic. I'd definitely rather be learning how to do a cool new spell than learn about verbs, even magic homework would be so much better than regular homework! 


I mean wonderland sort of has magic involved right? Imagine eating or drinking something and changing size! Of course, I'd probably be worried that anything I eat or drink may change my size but that's just me. Plus Wonderland is so large I'm sure even if you tried for years you would never see it all, you would always be coming across new and exciting lands. 


If you've never read Elsewhere you need to! The story is all about a teenager who dies and the afterlife is a place called Elsewhere, where you age backwards and once a baby you float back to earth to come back as a new person. It sounds crazy, and of course, I don't want to visit here until I die in about 70 years. But how cool would it be to go somewhere all your family and friends will be, and they all remember you but your grandma would be much younger than you? There are also these cool telescopes that you can look back on the real world and check on how your living relatives are going. It sounds pretty morbid but trust me on this, go read the book and you'll understand! 


Have we all not thought once or twice how cool it would be to live in a video game?? I sure would love to live in the world of Pokemon and have my own little Growlithe, but of course, we're talking book worlds so let's talk about The Oasis. Something so cool that even the people in the book want to be there constantly! It's basically being the person you are but with some upgraded features, I'm definitely more confident online that I am in real life so being on The Oasis would be like the best of both world right? 

I swear there's another, but I can't quite remember. Where would you like to go?

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