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Brand Feature | Too Faced

Tuesday, 27 November 2018
Brand feature of Make Up brand Too Faced. Flatlay of eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, lipsticks
I'm not usually a high-end kind of person for makeup, I'm usually all for cheap and cheerful as long as it does the job. But then Mecca has been calling and frankly, about 80% of the products I've bought from there have been Too Faced. Not because I've been reaching for the brand specifically, it's just the products that I've heard others rave about or the products that have caught my eye have mostly all been Too Faced. So, I thought I'd put together a little brand review from the ultimate noob and let you know my thoughts! 


I won't lie to you, I mainly wanted to do this post to rave about this palette. I've never spent as much money on makeup as I did on this palette and I'm so relieved that I'm in love with it otherwise it would've been a disaster. I use it every day for work and just vary the colours depending on how out there I want it to be. Usually using either Peach Tea or Fresh Picked for an all over colour.  


Can you tell I'm a mattes girl yet? Before I splurged on the Peachy Mattes I was using this as my daily palette. It's full of heaps of great basics and totally worth the price tag if the regular Chocolate Bar Palette is out of your price range. It's limited edition but still available on the Mecca website so perfect for Christmas for a friend or family member who isn't super adventurous with their make up or needs a great everyday palette. 

Flatlay of Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette and Chocolate Chip palette


It's no secret that the beauty world loves this primer and I can say I've jumped on the bandwagon too. Previously I was using an ELF primer and this is so much better and I find the travel sized version lasts me quite a while.


Again another one that the beauty world rages about, however, I was rather unsure about it to begin with. It was a bit too wet and made my eyelashes too clumpy for my liking. Now it's dried out a bit I do like it more but not for daily wear, perfect for dinner or a party though. 


Great concealer but just as good as my Collection Concealer and twice the price so I won't be repurchasing. 


This is the only thing on here that I bought because of one person. Lindseyrem on Youtube mentioned the clear gloss Girl On Top in one of her favourites videos because it wasn't as sticky and gross as most glosses and I was sold. I'd been looking for a nice clear gloss to pair with matte lipsticks but so far hadn't found anything worthwhile but this one is great, totally recommend! 


I'm not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks, I've never found one that doesn't look too drying on my lips so when I received this in my Mecca Beauty Loop box I was a bit disappointed. I've tried it since though and it's not too bad, once dried it does not budge and I like wearing it with some of the clear gloss above over the top instead of rocking the matte look. 

What's your favourite Too Faced product?

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