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Wednesday, 14 November 2018
I finished Inktober 2018 and created 31 unique hand lettering compositions using Procreate. - Image shows various pieces created during October



One of my goals for 2018 was to complete Inktober and knowing I had to wait until October meant I was rather eager to get stuck in on October 1st. I did go on holiday during the last week of October and, although I did take my iPad with me, I wasn't going to pressure myself to get it done every day because frankly, I barely had time to sit down we did so much. So once I was back I used the next few days of November to finish as if it was still October. Some people may see this as cheating but personally, I still feel like I did it fine because hey at least I finished!

I'm good at time management and planning but one thing I'm bad at is forcing myself to create (which I think we all agree is a bad thing and works for no one) so a daily challenge like Inktober sometimes doesn't work out like I'd hope. When I began the 100-day challenge back in May I didn't think I'd get as far as I did and I think Inktober is easier because of the prompts (and of course because it's only 31 days). This year I've used the official prompts made by Jake Parker the creator of Inktober, and using these to plan most of the days before October even began made it easier to leave my brain to the creating. Some days I didn't feel like what I had planned, or the prompt was weird, or I just felt inspired by something else so ignored the prompt - which in the end worked out totally fine!

One of my other goals this year was to get better at iPad lettering which Inktober was meant to help with. While I'm still not where I want to be I think I've definitely improved since January and that's what matters right? Mainly I wanted to work on my compositions and the variety of styles I can produce. I'm not fully there on those either but I'm further than where I was when I began, and I feel like I'm slowly starting to find my 'style' which I thought I'd never find! Now I want to start learning how to use Adobe Illustrator Draw to see if I like that any better than Procreate as then I can create vector pieces.

If you've missed my work I've been posting over on my lettering Instagram @sofillyletters and on my Twitter @sofillyx so make sure to follow those for any further work. If you like any enough that I should work on developing them into prints let me know as I do plan on having some out by the end of the year, so help me prioritise so I don't just pick my personal favourites!

Did you attempt Inktober? How far did you get?

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