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What's So Hot About Sydney? Other than the weather!

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Scenic views of Sydney Opera House, Australia

Sydney, Australia

If you follow me on social media you may already know I went to Sydney at the start of the month because frankly, I didn't shut up about it. We'd been planning on going sometime this year but every time we got around to booking something came up so it took us until October to finally book something. That said, it definitely made it worth the wait. I hadn't properly been on holiday since May last year when I went to Rarotonga so I was itching to get away and have a proper break (other than Christmas) that was longer than a three day weekend.

I'd only been to Australia once before, to the Gold Coast, so Sydney was super new for me. I wanted to be prepared and got heaps of recommendations from others on social media, then proceeded to lose them in my mentions and went in with no idea what I'd be doing. The only thing we had planned when we hopped on the plane was tickets to The Book of Mormon (excellent btw), and the plan to obviously see the Opera House.

Scenic views of Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Not having much of a plan worked in our favour, as really we didn't have heaps of things we wanted to do and check off our list before we left. We were able to relax and do what we felt like, however, we did make a general plan of what we may do each day but it wasn't hugely restricting. Using the knowledge of the resident Sydneysiders (which I googled and apparently is correct for people of Sydney... the more you know) we were staying with we made use of the fabulous public transport system they have and managed to see quite a lot in the 8 days we had there.

We did plan on using this holiday to relax and ignore all the pressure of work and freelance projects that we left at home but we ended up doing way more exploring averaging at around 20,000 steps a day. In the end, though, it was totally worth it even if we did end up getting home to New Zealand just as tired as we left.

Views of Harbour Bridge Sydney, a Kangaroo at Taronga Zoo, and Sydney Opera House

The main question people would ask on our return was 'what was your favourite part?' and frankly I can't decide. We went to Taronga Zoo one day and spent all day strolling around all the animals and listening to all the zookeeper's talks. We spent another morning walking over the Harbour Bridge stopping for all the glorious views, exploring all the shady lanes of The Rocks and some of their boutique shops before having a picnic at a park with views of the harbour. We walked around the Opera House and had drinks at the Opera Bar before walking the scenic route back to the station via the Botanic Gardens. We did way too much shopping for two people and ate at way too many fancy restaurants. One night our lovely hosts took us out for drinks at a 360-degree bar that rotated on level 47 with amazing views, then to lead us to a basement restaurant for a fancy degustation.

We walked the 2-hour coastal walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach taking in the glorious views and joining many fellow tourists at the Sculptures By The Sea exhibition at Bondi. We spent a fair amount of time on the ferries heading over to check out different beaches like Watsons Bay and Manly Beach. We browsed around Newtown's boutiquey stores while most Sydneysiders were having a lazy Sunday morning, and spent that afternoon checking out Newtown's finest brewery before heading back closer to town to get drinks at a snazzy distillery. All in all, we managed quite a bit and it was all excellent and no I can't choose my favourite part.

One thing I can answer though is 'what was your least favourite part?' Which was definitely the heat on the day that it was 37 degrees, I cannot handle heat and when both the shade and breeze is hot there's no escape. That's definitely a no from me.

Have you been to Sydney before? What was your favourite part? Ahahaha

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