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Four (more) Podcasts I've Been Loving Lately

Wednesday, 13 March 2019
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I go through phases of what I like to listen to at work; sometimes it's playing my regular 2019 playlist or blasting a musical soundtrack (hello Hamilton), sometimes it's binging an audiobook, and sometimes it's listening to episode after episode of podcasts. I go wherever the mood takes me however recently I've been in that podcast mood a lot and there's only so many Potterless episodes I can listen to in a row (don't get me wrong I still love Potterless) so I had to find some new podcasts to listen to. Here are a few that are top of the list at the moment if I'm in that podcast mood:


Dribbble's podcast hosted by Dan Cederholm. I personally struggle to get into podcasts who have a different guest every episode, especially if I don't love the host/interviewer. Overtime, however, is a podcast I can get behind even though they do have different guests, maybe this is because the interviews are just excellent. I don't listen to every episode, who has time for that? I only listen to the episodes that intrigue me, usually with a guest I know or a guest I want to know because of the type of creative they are (e.g hand lettering artist). I've actually only listened to three episodes but I would highly recommend those episodes (the Lauren Hom one in particular) and I do plan on going back to some other episodes I have favourited but yet to get around to. If you're a creative I do recommend this podcast but if, like me, you aren't a big lover of different guests, pick out the episodes that intrigue you and go from there!


I'm a big fan of RuPaul's Drag Race so when I came across a podcast dedicated to discussing the show episode by episode by queens Alaska and Willam I knew I would love it. As soon as a new episode comes out, assuming I'm up to date on the TV show, I'm straight into it (I've barely listened to any of the older podcast episodes as it's easier to follow if you have the TV episode fresh in your mind as they discuss outfits etc). Once you skip past the fair amount of ads at the beginning and middle Race Chaser is full of more drama and entertainment to get you through til the next episode. Alaska and Willam do not hold back and it's just entertaining to listen to fellow drag queens discuss the episodes after being there themselves and talk about what they would've done if they were doing the challenge. If you're into RuPaul's Drag Race I highly recommend you check out this podcast!


If in the mood I can listen to so many episodes of this podcast back to back; they're short, to the point, and full of rather great advice. Plus Lola Hoad's voice is so soothing to listen to. As someone who's only really just starting to build up a business of sorts, The One Girl Band podcast is great to get stuck into all this advice and figure out what I can use right now and what I can store for future use once my business is a bit further down the track. It's all about small creative businesses which is exactly what I need, if you're in the same situation starting a small business or even a little further down the track with a flourishing small business I totally recommend checking out this podcast, even if you only listen to the episodes relevant to you!


The Honest Designers Show is actually the first design/creative podcast I started listening to, namely because it's co-hosted by Ian Barnard, one of my favourite lettering artists. I'm still not up to date (hello 107 episodes) but all the episodes I've got through until now are excellent and I tend to have a ton of notes after each episode of things to do, look into or remember for later. It helps that the hosts (Tom Ross, Ian, Dustin Lee, and Lisa Glanz) are hilarious and mesh well together so an hour of learning about what to do if someone steals your work doesn't feel like a chore while in return you're learning heaps to put towards your creative career (whether working freelance with your own business or not)

If you're wanting more recommendations I posted a few months back my initial podcast recommendations so be sure to check that out here. Plus, how can I write a post all about podcasts without mentioning my own (I've gotta toot my own horn once in a while). In case you've missed the many many show notes posts on here, Rants and Reviews is up to its 13th episode, 14th going live on Saturday, so if you haven't given us a listen yet check us out!

What have you been listening to lately? Any you'd recommend?


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