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How to read three books at once | Tips and Tricks

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

One of the first things people usually say when I tell them I'm currently reading three books at once is 'how do you do it?' My main tip for reading more than a singular book at once is variety!

I like having multiple books on the go that I can dip in and out of so that I don't get stuck on one book forever and force myself to get through it in order to start another. That's how my book slumps have begun in the past, I've been stuck on a singular book and while I still like it enough not to put it down as a DNF I struggle to get through more than a handful of pages at a time which in turn takes forever to get through to another book.

Technically reading more than one book at once means it does take you longer to get through a standard book than it would if you were solely reading it. But the way I do it means I can make use of more of my time, instead of limiting it to wherever I can be bothered to carry a giant book around to sit and read.


I usually read three books at once; one in physical form (so a hardback or paperback), one on my kindle, and then another via audiobook.

The physical book I read at home, usually before bed, it lives on my bedside table and usually only leaves the house if I'm going away for the weekend and know I'll have time to sit and read. Most of the time these are review copies I've been sent by publishers as I'm doing my best to cut down on the number of books I'm buying, particularly physical books. Sometimes if it's a smaller book, not a large hardcover, and I'm hooked on the story I may take the physical book with me to read on my lunch breaks at work (the latest book I've done like this is On The Come Up) as I usually can't wait until I've finished work to continue reading from the night before.

The Kindle book is for lunch breaks at work, and usually when I'm travelling on the train. It lives in my handbag and can come out at any time I have a free moment or while waiting for someone, it's also synced with my phone in case I don't have my bag with me.

Then the audiobook is mainly for walking to and from work or other times I can't be reading a physical/kindle book, for example, while riding in a car as I feel carsick if I'm reading or sometimes while making dinner or lettering. I also listen to these sometimes at work if I'm feeling like it, usually, I have to be partway into a book or have read the book before in order to listen to it at work as my concentration levels aren't as high (as ya know I'm actually working).


My main tip would be to keep all the books very different, it's the variety that keeps you sane. Don't jump from physical book to audiobook and back on the exact same book, or read two different intense fantasy novels at the same time that may be easily confused. Read a fantasy physical book, a YA romance kindle book, and then a reread of a dystopian book you read years ago on an audiobook.

If you struggle with audiobooks start with books you've already read, I know most of us would really love to go back to a book we read years ago (like the 'dystopian book' I mentioned before that we all had a phase of) that is easier to follow as you're familiar with the storyline and characters. Also use a time where you can focus most of your brain on it to start an audiobook, like walking to work, so you can sink into the story and learn the characters before listening while doing something else.

Remember libraries are your friend! They have heaps of e-content as well as physical books, they have audiobooks and ebooks to borrow so check out your local library to find out how you can borrow those.

Reading multiple books at once isn't for everyone but hopefully, this will help you on your way to trying.

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