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Hello there internet people!

There are posts here about everything from books to lifestyle, design to beauty, and everything in between. I'm sure you'll find something that takes your fancy!

I'm Sophie, designer by day and reader by night, forever surrounded by words. I'm a big fan of sloths, play way too many hours of The Sims, have a slightly weird obsession with Harry Potter (if you don't like it, fight me), and am at my happiest snuggled in front of the TV binging Netflix.

Sofilly is all about being creative without sticking to the brief, it's whatever I want it to be. I love writing about all the things and people that inspire me, and things I think you guys would love. Nothing is scripted here, all of this is my own personal thoughts (some of which I probably should keep to myself).

I'm co-host of Rants & Reviews, a podcast about all things books. Anjali and I talk about what we're currently reading, discuss favourite authors, occasionally have a special guest on, all the while probably relating everything back to Harry Potter. All the shownotes are posted here on the blog along with links to all the latest episodes!

I also write over at the Bloggers Bookshelf with some other book-obsessed ladies if you'd like to pop on over there too.

I've worked with a few brands over the years, so if you'd like to get in touch email me at